Google Home - No cameras are working

None of my cameras are showing in Google Home now?

Is anyone else having this issue?


If you’re on Android you can update your Google Home to the preview version and it should work for you. See this thread for more details:

But if you’re an iOS user like me, then no it is not working yet…


I have the preview for iOS but it is not working in my preview one.


My cams load S L O W L Y in the Favorites UI on Android Preview. And I get sound for EVERY cam all together. I can’t find any Mute toggle for the cams.

If I quit the app, sound continues until I force stop the app.

Sound for every cam? Wow that’s definitely an unintended feature for sure…

I wonder if we can reopen the wishlist item since it was never implemented in iOS and is not properly working in Android either?

I don’t think this is a Wyze issue. I think this is on the Google side.

The Wishlist topic is still open for reply even though it has been tagged Granted.

2 Likes - I have same issue. All of my Wyze cameras are added in Google Home, but also “Unavailable”. They all work fine in the Wyze app.

I have local MicroSD storage so I don’t sign up for the subscription services.

Does someone know if the subscription services are required to enable Google Home? (Cam Protect, Cam Plus , or Home Monitoring)

I too had all my Wyze cams and plugs showing up as offline in Google Home but fine in Wyze. I unlinked Wyze and now when I try to relink I get all the way to 2factor and after I enter it, it goes to the “Return to app” screen which it never does. I’ve tried 2factor with the authenticator app and sms but neither work. I even tried changing my Wyze password.