Google Home - No cameras are working

None of my cameras are showing in Google Home now?

Is anyone else having this issue?

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If you’re on Android you can update your Google Home to the preview version and it should work for you. See this thread for more details:

But if you’re an iOS user like me, then no it is not working yet…

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I have the preview for iOS but it is not working in my preview one.

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My cams load S L O W L Y in the Favorites UI on Android Preview. And I get sound for EVERY cam all together. I can’t find any Mute toggle for the cams.

If I quit the app, sound continues until I force stop the app.

Sound for every cam? Wow that’s definitely an unintended feature for sure…

I wonder if we can reopen the wishlist item since it was never implemented in iOS and is not properly working in Android either?

I don’t think this is a Wyze issue. I think this is on the Google side.

The #wishlist topic is still open for reply even though it has been tagged Granted.