Wyze of camera not detected in google home app

My new Wyze OG camera is linked and shows on google home, but when I try to view it in google home it says camera not detected. I tried unlinking and reconnecting but still didn’t work. Got this one camera as trial because of the google home link. Now so t be getting any more. Sad that it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

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Not sure what to tell you. Before I joined the “Preview” Beta for Google Home, I had the toughest time getting it to stream my cams in the app. I had to use the voice command button to make it happen and it wouldn’t work with Google Assistant.

But now, on the Beta Preview of Google Home, all my cams will stream including my OG Cams.

Can we get a Wyze developer to confirm if the cameras will now display in the Google Home app, beta or main version? Seems like a simple thing to ask.

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We don’t need a Dev to confirm that.

Google Home Public Preview Android v.

@SlabSlayer Google home public preview on iOS

I see one working, not sure if that is what you were conveying, but I also see two other placeholders. Are those not loading? All my cams will load and stream. They are quite slow to load in the Favorites, but they do eventually get there.

The working one is Nest, the other two are Wyze. They just say camera offline in the view and no amount of retry works.

I just want to see some documentation that says this should work, right now it seems it just happens for some ppl and not for others.

It may very well be an iOS GH App issue as well.

I’m new here… and on for the same reason. Google Home App on IOS will not allow me to view the cameras. at first it was on the Google side, they corrected and told me it was a Wyse issue. Wishlist item for sure. These cameras are great, and priced right - I just want them to get along with my Nest cameras and have 1 place to go to see everything.

This support page https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030201051-Wyze-Cam-and-Google-Assistant states that viewing a live stream is not supported in the Google Home app. I guess they mean is not supported on iOS…

It certainly does say that it is not supported. But I would expect it to stay that way until the Live Stream capability actually makes it out of Beta.

My ability to live stream cams from within the Google Home App on Android has been well documented here in the forum. Over a year ago I discovered a way to live stream my cams. Since then, not much has changed.

Only recently did I gain the ability to live stream multiple cams in the Favorites tab when the Google Home Public Preview Beta App was released. This is still in Beta and still has issues that need to be fixed. It is definitely not ready for prime time. But, they are making progress. This last update fixed a couple bugs I had reported.