WyzeCam using Google Home app - "This video stream can't be viewed here" - Incorrect setup on my part or limitations of the product?

Apparently, I cannot use the Google Home app to stream the video for my Wyze cam, I have to use the wise app itself, which is inconvenient enough for me to return the product.

Nobody wants to have to switch between multiple apps for multiple products in order to manage them, they should all work within the Google Home app itself. This is definitely enough for me to return the product and try something from a competitor. This is quite literally the only Google Home equipped piece of hardware that I cannot manage directly from the Google Home app itself.

Is there a setting or a firmware upgrade that would allow this product to work as I would prefer to have it work?

They are working on getting the viewing on the Google Home Hub/Google Nest Hub working again, but as far as the Google Home app on your phone there is no way to view them there unfortunately

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No cameras can be streamed from the Google Home or Alexa app.
You’ll need to use the Wyze app. The Wyze app has more control of the camera(s) and I don’t think Google will change this.
I believe @WyzeJasonJ was referring to the Google Nest Hub and you were asking about the app. I could be wrong though.

No cameras can be streamed from the Google Home or Alexa app.

Instant and absolute non-starter. I’ll ship them back tomorrow.

If I may ask, why do you need the cameras to be viewable in the Google Home app?

It’s not a deal breaker for, but I NEED wyze to take advantage of the new APIs google/nest released this year allowing better integration like Nest with Google so things like viewing In the google home app are possible and a lot of other stuff. Probably once they fix the nest hub issue they’ll use the new API’s / Tools that allow all the nest features for other products.

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It’s extremely poor UX to have these cams listed as GH compatible, and have them SHOW in the GH app, to have the app tell you that you can’t actually view the video. I have a multitude of GH compatible items. They can all be controlled with one app. This should be no different.

The cameras are viewable on Google Nest devices, that’s what the “Works with Google” program means for cameras.

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Again, poor UX and advertising. “Works With Google” means that a customer not well-versed in the intricacies of said program thinks that it works with a multitude of Google Home services, including the GH app. The bottom line is that these items do not meet my needs.

Agree, this is a non-starter. Returning two cams because I can’t stream it into the app. I’ll pay extra for a Nest camera that can help keep it all in one place and not switch apps!.

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I seen a few complaints that no camera can stresm on Google hub i have a little elf camera and it does and love it not so happy with mu wyze camera

So it looks like this actually possible!