Integration with Google Home

Have 6 cameras “attached” to Google Home via their various apps. 3 Wyze, 1 Nest doorbell, 1 Eufy. All EXCEPT the Wyze Cam-Pan open in Google Home fairly briskly. I’ve actually never seen it open in GH. Opens well in Wyze app. Far as I know, all associated apps are up-to-date.
Anything I can do?

I don’t have the Cam Pan v2 :cam_pan_v2:, so I can’t speak to that issue specifically, but one of my thoughts was that I also have some non-Wyze cameras linked to Google Home that show up as devices in the Google Home app but don’t stream in the Google Home app; however, they do stream to a Google Home Hub, a television running Google TV, and a Chromecast. If you have something like that available, I’d be curious to know if your Cam Pan v2 would stream there.

Then I looked into the Wyze Support and saw the “Wyze Cam and Google Assistant” article, which says this:

  • Viewing the live stream is supported in the Google Home app for all Wyze Cams.

That would indicate that you really should be able to do what you’re asking about, so my next thought—since you mentioned that your apps are all up to date—would be to make sure your Cam Pan v2 (and other cameras) has up-to-date firmware, as well.

In my own experience, viewing my Wyze cameras in Google Home can be iffy if I’m not connected to my home Wi-Fi (though this seems to have gotten better for me recently), and I’ve seen other posts here on the Forum to that effect, as well, and this and other things make me wonder about the reliability of Wyze’s integration with Google Home. :man_shrugging: