Wyze cameras and Google Home app

I have both Nest and Wyze cameras. I would love to see a complete integration on Google Home so that I can see the video stream on my phone via one application rather than use the Home app + the Wyze app.


It’s been on the Wishlist for some time now.

Good to go there, vote for it at the top, and post an additional request.


Yes, I agree with this request. Google Home and Nest is already connected, so it should be easy to get to WYZE cameras.

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Considering Alphabet owns Google Home and Google Nest it’s probably more about the concessions Google wants from Wyze for the software license to be compatible… If they allow it at all. Google has a financial interest in limiting only Google owned devices, or those who pay, to ride their bus. That’s also why Google Home pushes users to the Google owned Chromecast to stream live. Amazon isn’t so antisocial as we do have more Alexa compatibility.