Google Home App/Display Integration

Please add support for Google Hub Displays so we can see previews of our Wyze cameras like Google shows with other brands.

Also, please make it so that we can view, scrub, etc. Wyze cameras directly from the Google Home app on Android/iOS.


Google nest hub display integration already exists just link your account, but Google Home app integration currently doesn’t although that would be something I’d really want… @WyzeTeam Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

Please add the functionality to view WYZE Cameras in the google home app. I see this has been on the roadmap for quite some time. It would be nice to view all my cameras in one application.

It would also be nice to control my WYZE vacuum cleaner with google.

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Google Nest Hub show cameras

How to see several cameras on Google Nest Hub

View WYZE cameras live in the Google Home app

Now that the Google Home app seems to be the future hub for all Nest devices WYZE cameras should be viewable live within that app. Currently the cameras show as unavailable: “Live video unavailable. The camera may be unreachable or saving battery”.

I am glad to see that Wyze Cameras are viewable through Google Home, but that seems to be about it. There is literally no other interactivity. It would be nice to be able to directly operate the cameras, as well as incorporate cameras and other devices into Google Home’s automation systems, instead of having to trust that several different tracking systems will all play along in order to keep your device operating optimally.