Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

Wyze finally works with Google Assistant! Thank you for your patience with this. We know it took longer than we expected to get this up and running but now you can view your Wyze Cam live streams through any Google Assistant enabled device with a screen! You’ll be able to use it with Wyze Sense and Wyze Bulbs soon, too.



No love for Canada?

I mean your newsletter does say only available in the US, yet my Google Home app shows the Wyze Home works with Google.


Says “Couldn’t update the settings. Check connection.” but I have perfect connection. Tried over my wifi and over LTE, same error both ways.


Getting the exact same message. Tried to get it to display on my hub so I unlinked it and now stuck on that message. :persevere:

Edit; I noticed the gear with your username. Were you in the beta? I am wondering if our credentials are causing it.

Edit 2: just tried again and it worked. Maybe a hiccup?


It is in other threads, Wyze will be making their product available sometime this summer. There are other options, such as ordering to a US Post Box if you are close to the border, or ordering on Amazon.ca.



I have 3 Wyze cameras already, all from Amazon.ca. I’m asking about the Google Assistant Integration (although I would love to know when/if I can get the Wyze Sensors and Bulbs in Canada, can’t order from the app :frowning: )

Sorry, I must have misunderstood your question. The Google integration does already work in Canada, it’s running on my Lenovo display right now. The Google Hub is also working with Wyze Cam and Wyze Pan.
As I stated earlier, Wyze plans to begin shipping all their products to Canada sometime this summer. I have the good fortune of being 10 minutes from the border so the US PO box works well for me…


Thanks for the info on the products coming to Canada this summer. I guess for the Google Home stuff, I’m running into the exact issues others are. Couldn’t update settings. I’ll keep trying to get connected.

With the google assistant being put into production mode their servers might simply be busy… (fingers crossed)

Rebooted my google home hub in order to get it to link. Looking forward to this being usable in the future. Like their setup page said, high latency. Its bad for me. All cams take at least 15 seconds to come up and are delayed by that 15 seconds. will have to stick with app.

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I live in Brampton, Ontario-Canada. Bought wyze cam through Amazon. Please make wyze cams work with Google assistant in Canada soon…do you have a timeline to roll out integration with google assistant in Canada?? Love your products!! Big fan!! Thanks!


Hi, for your information the Wyze cams already work with the Google Hub and Lenovo Smart Display in Canada. Just have a look for the app in the Google Play store, I have been running it in beta for some time but the application is there now for anyone. Good Luck!


This is an issue in the Google Home app linking process, I’ve also experienced it when linking other services. I would recommend you use Chrome to complete the linking process, Google advised that other browsers (such as Samsung Internet) may cause issues. Clearing the browser cache, force stopping and rebooting your phone might help. Otherwise the issue usually resolves in a day or two if left alone.

@UserCustomerGwen how is the integration with Wyze Sense expected to work? Will it show the sensor status in the Google Home app dashboard / on the Nest Hub home view? Really excited for this!


I’m getting a “it looks like the stream is currently unavailable” when trying to pull up the cam from my google home bub. Anyone else having this issue?


I just get a blank stream… Have been getting that ever since Beta for about 4 weeks now.

Okay, so I’m not the only one having issues. Good to know

Yep. Was the reason I unlinked my 3 cams and then had a hard time getting back in. I was able to view one on both the hub and smart display. Now I’m getting the unavailable message. Big circle.

I was able to add my Wyze Cam Pan (2 of them), but not my first gen Wyze Cams. Are the first gen Wyze Cams not compatible with Google Assistant?