Google Assistant/Google Home WYZE Vacuum Integration

I am hopeful for some simple Google integration for the new Wyze Vacuum. I had a robotic vaccum where you could say "okay google, tell _____ to start cleaning, or tell _____ to dock. It is a really nice convenience feature.

Yes! I hope this happens

Knowing Wyze, it probably won’t have Google Assistant support at first, but will get it eventually after first getting Alexa. But I certainly am hopeful that it comes at some point.

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After having pre-ordered, I too hope Google Assistant support comes to their vacuum!

Yes. I agree. The vacuum is been running in my house for about a week now and it works great. Hope that Google integration comes soon.


Can this be tagged differently? I’m concerned it’s not tagged as vacuum, and it won’t be seen.


Considering Wyze is already integrated into Google Assistant, it would seem to be an easy addition. I would actually prefer they adjust the map to better line up with the virtual walls and room detection first. However, considering how new the vacuum is, I’d expect a lot of small changes down the road

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I added it on for you

Support for Google Home / Assistant for the vacuum would be great. Wyze supports Google Home for other products, so please extend that to the vacuum.


Agree. Basic action should be able to be performed via google home. Like start cleaning, or clean specific rooms or charge, etc.


I would also love this integration.


Make sure that if you commented here, that you also vote for this feature at the top of the thread!

Google Home/Assistant is how my smart home is organized. i use voice controls for almost everything. i bought this product because i was excited about the LIDAR at this price point but if this was more expensive, i would have chosen a different brand that supported Google Assistant.

please bring google assistant to this product soon! i cant wait to be able to just say “Hey Google, CLEAN KITCHEN” or “CLEAN TV ROOM”!


Yup this is a must.


I agree that Google Assistant input and notifications would be excellent.

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Created an account just to vote for this. I want a vacuum and I’m hearing great things about your products in general but I’m going to have to wait for the adding of Google Assistant compatibility.


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I didn’t see a post for this yet so wanted to start one. That said, please integrate the robotic vacuum into Google like many of the other Wyze products. When I ordered it, I figured it was in the plans and would eventually be available. I recently came across a comment on the product page saying there was no plans to integrate the robotic vacuum into Google Home and that’s very disappointing.


Yes, I’m hoping that Wyze will start to prioritize adding Google Assistant integration into their products. I’m also waiting on Google Assistant integration with the Wyze Lock. This is a huge feature that is missing for a smart home product.


Make sure if you’re commenting here that you’re also upvoting this request so the folks at Wyze see it, as that seems to be the only way it’ll get added.

I seriously don’t understand this methodology. Wyze should have some internal evaluation as well to determine which feature is really needed. Why are they deciding it based on number of votes ‘only’?