Wyze Robot Vacuum Coming Tomorrow. Here's Your Exclusive Discount Code (CODE EXPIRED)

Hey Everyone!

We’re sending out an email about the Wyze Robot Vacuum launching tomorrow! The email went to an exclusive group of Wyze users that have 1) purchased something in early access from Wyze, and 2) opted into marketing communications.

The Wyze Robot Vacuum has LIDAR technology for room mapping and will be priced at $199 during pre-order. For these Early Backers, we are giving a discount code for an additional $20 off. If you are in this group and didn’t get the email, the code is EA20WYZE.

See you tomorrow!!



Thanks @WyzeDave! I’m getting two - for main floor and basement.

A gift for myself.


Excited for the launch!

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Thanks Dave! I’ll be getting this!


What is the sound level when running? And run time? Bin Capacity? Will all that info be available tomorrow?


Is it just me or does this look exactly like the Xiaomi Mi Robot? In fairness the Wyze vac is a better cost. I have this exact Xiaomi robotic vacuum and I love the thing. Its just a very striking resemblance.



I have purchased several early access products (scale, WCO, Video Doorbell, V3, all early access, and I opted into marketing emails (and have received some), but I still never got this email, so thanks for this post.

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Does any Body know if it will work with Alexa or Google Assistant??


Is the base station for the vacuum cleaner powered direct 110v or is it powered by a USB adapter ??

Looks like Alexa support is in the works. I don’t know about Google.vacuum

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Welcome to the Wyze community @terryTx!
This is most likely because it has not been released yet! Go to Wyze at 10 am PT and order it then.

Will the robot vac be able to go over the trim piece that is located between the wood floor and the carpeted area in a room?

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Hi @nizzotti, - depending on the height of the edging strip/threshold it will cross them.

Do you know the what the max height would be for the vac to be able to cross over?

I received the email for the Wyze Robot Vacuum but it doesn’t appear for pre-order.

I got my email with discount code but I don’t see it listed.

Check now, the release was happening at 10 am PT

The vacuum is now available here:


Many of these questions answered here:

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Can the Wyze vac be used in a two-story home? Can it learn the paths for both floors? Can I carry it from one floor to the other? Or would I have to buy two vacs? I’ve been searching for the answer but am running out of time to take advantage of the early access offer and discount code.

(the website offers “live help” during daytime hours but clicking on that i am offered only the option to send an email inquiry)