Wyze Robot Vacuum - Alexa Voice Control is coming!

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum users,

My name is Hongfei and I’m the Product Manager for Wyze Robot Vacuum. We are working to release the long-awaited Alexa Voice Control feature.

With this new feature, you can ask your Wyze Robot Vacuum to start/stop cleaning the entire floor or specific rooms using your Echo device.

If you would like to beta test this new feature prior to the official release, please take this short survey and leave your Alexa account info so that we can give you beta permissions if you are selected.

Link to the survey:

Thank you very much for your support!


Done. Thanks for adding the new feature.


sweet! done

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Filled it in. Glad to know it’s coming!

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Very excited for this! I’ve completed the form.

Form completed.

Filled out the form and use “Rosie” almost daily because of our sweet, but always shedding lab! Looking forward to Alexa integration! Thanks.

Submitted my request. Thanks

Yes, yes, and yes please. Super cool to see this coming especially with spot cleaning coming.

This is good news, thank you for taking the time to both inform us, and develop the feature… Form filled out as well…

Omg this is so excited. This has made my day. Can’t wait to beta test. Thanks so much for prioritizing this feature.

Awesome! Survey is complete. Can’t wait for this feature!!!

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I didn’t get selected for tickets to next year’s Masters golf tournament, so fingers crossed that I get selected for this! :wink:

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Any news on multi-floor map saving? We have a lot of split levels in our house and regularly use the vacuum to clean on 4 different floors, requiring us to reset the map each time.


I believe multi floor mapping is in beta currently.


I just saw that on a different thread. Super excited!

I am a beta tester and already have this feature. You should sign up to be a beta tester.

That version of beta is no longer available. The only version available is 1.6.113.

Did anyone get access to new Alexa feature, yet?

If only I could actually divide my house up into rooms. That would allow the use of this for sure. But not being able to actually define rooms by inner walls makes it so I can’t just say “Alexa vacuum dining room”.