Wyze Robot Vacuum - Alexa Voice Control Closed-group Beta Testing, Share your experience here!

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum Alexa skill beta users,

Thank you for participating in our Wyze Robot Vacuum Alexa voice control beta testing.

Your feedback is very important to us and we would love to hear from you regarding this new feature.
Please leave your feedback, questions, issues, and suggestions below this post.
Feel free to share your favorite utterances to control your Wyze Robot Vacuum via this Alexa beta skill.

If you have not been selected to beta test this new Alexa skill this time, stay tuned! The official version is coming soon in few weeks if everything goes well!

How to set up and enable the Alexa skill:
To get started, please follow the instructions in the email with the subject ‘You’re invited to beta test a new Alexa skill’ to enable Alexa skill “Wyze-beta”. Before using the link to enable this Alexa skill, make sure to log in to your Alexa account using the email you provided to us.

After enabling the skill in the Alexa app or web page, you will be directed to the ‘Link Account’ page so that you can log in to your Wyze account to link to the Alexa skill.

Once your Wyze account has been successfully linked, you can start using the Alexa voice commands to control your Wyze Robot Vacuum. Please note that you will NOT discover your Wyze Robot Vacuum as a device in your Alexa device list.

How to voice control your Wyze Robot Vacuum: (v1.1 updated on 8/12)

What to test:

  1. Use different utterances shown above to start/stop cleaning the entire floor or a specific room, and test the success rate of triggering, response time, etc.
  2. If you have multiple Wyze Robot Vacuums, try renaming your robot vacuums with whatever names you like, and use the utterances to test if Alexa can successfully recognize and trigger the right vacuum to start/stop cleaning

Look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for your support!


No invitation so I will eagerly wait for the release and hope the testing goes well not extending the time to release :smiley:

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The Beta update installation was fast and easy. Few minutes after installation I issued the Alexa voice command for the robot to start cleaning - the response was immediate. Few minutes later I issued the command to stop cleaning with the same successful results. I will be posting more as I test.


Working well, here with voice commands, as expected. Was hoping for a smart home skill, but custom skill works too, for now :slight_smile: Good work!

I don’t have Alexa, but I’m anxious to see this sort of post for


So far, so good. Starting and stopping the vacuum was responsive and area cleaning worked without any issues.

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@WyzeHongfei I gave the wrong email for my alexa account and can’t access Wyze-Test. Can I give the correct email to someone so I can use the beta?

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I received an email with the subject “Congrats! You’ve been selected to beta test Wyze Robot Vacuum’s new Alexa skill!” & nothing else with a similar title. I cannot find the skill for the test.

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Hi! I was chosen but use a different email address for Amazon and Alexa so it says I can’t join. Can my other email be added? I want to test this ASAP. Thanks! Let me know who I can contact.

I’ve got it all up and running. I started with an area clean, but it decided to clean the entire map. Might have been my fault with the commands. I’ll test more.


Me, too. Thanks!

Thanks, but no thanks, Alexa, I use Wyze LOL

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The vacuum is working well. However, when I installed the beta tester skill for Alexa it duplicated all my Wyze devices during the discovery process. The duplication created a problem for Alexa’s voice commands because when I issued a command that worked before, like “Unlock the Garage Door Lock” - Alexa replied " I found more than one device named Garage Door Lock, please rename your devices and run discovery again or place them into a group …" I tried deleting or disabling one of the duplicates but then the voice command wouldn’t work. If I created a group with the two duplicates the voice command worked but Alexa would announce that it did not work (but it did). I tried disabling the Alexa skill and re-enabling it but I obtained the same results. Finally, I was able to come up with a work around by adding a word to one of the duplicates “Alexa, Open Real Garage Door Lock” (I name the second one Fake Garage Door lock). However, all my 7 devices are listed twice in the Alexa devices sections,


Got email with this subject: Congrats! You’ve been selected to beta test Wyze Robot Vacuum’s new Alexa skill!

But it says that I should have received a prior email with the instructions for participating in the test. I did not receive that email. Please resend or give me the instructions for participating in the Alexa/Vaccuum test. Thanks!

Great! Look forward to hearing more feedback from you!

Thanks! Which utterances did you use and which one do you like best?

:grin:Which utterances did you use and which one do you like best?

Yes. Please DM your correct email to me and I will ask my team to send it to you again

Can you double-check your inbox and junk folder? The email with the link was sent at 6am PST this morning. If it is not there, DM your Alexa account email address so I can ask my team re-send it to you again.

Sure. DM your Alexa account email address so I can ask my team re-send it to you.