Wyze Robot Vacuum NOW Works with Alexa

Wyze Robot Vacuum NOW Works with Alexa

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum users,

We are excited to announce that Wyze Robot Vacuum now Works with Alexa and the full Alexa skill is available now!

With this new feature, you can ask your Wyze Robot Vacuum to start/stop cleaning the entire floor or specific rooms using your Echo or other Alexa built-in devices.

To use this Alexa skill, please go to your robot vacuum’s device page using the latest version of the Wyze app. Find ‘Alexa Support’ in the Settings and follow the instructions to add and use the Alexa skill for Wyze Robot Vacuum. Note that you will need to install the Alexa app to use this feature.

Some of you may have already noticed that your Wyze Robot Vacuum had been discovered by the Alexa app a few weeks ago, but only two utterances could be used at that time. However, with the FULL Alexa skill available today, you have more utterances to control your robot vacuum and will have a much better experience. Please note that the trigger word is ‘Wyze Vacuum’, not ‘Wyze Robot Vacuum’

Here’s a list of utterances that you can try:

We’re not done yet! We will continue to improve this product and release more cool features. Thank you very much for your support!


Tested a few commands. Worked like a champ, impressive.



Thanks to the people who helped test the Alexa skill and gave Wyze good feedback and suggestions on the commands!

FYI, this whole “Ask Wyze” stuff in the command seems to fairly common for some extended 3rd party integrations…I have several integrations with other companies that require me to say it that way through Alexa or Google. Some of them will still work even when I leave out the phrase “ask [company]” but when I do leave out that phrase sometimes Google or Alexa misunderstand and think I was asking a different command. I found saying “ask company” helped to ensure there was less false communication with Google/Alexa. It is interesting that they both follow this same command structure. Just thought I’d mention that this appears to be a standard implemented by Google/Alexa for those who wonder why the phrasing is this way. Wyze is actually keeping it consistent with the way all the companies I’ve seen also do it, it may even be an Alexa requirement for extended commands like this.


Very appreciative of this update! Worked perfectly.


@WyzeHongfei any chance we can get all those commands copied into text somewhere like in an FAQ or something that is easy to print up so our family knows what they can say to it? I tried to use some OCR platforms to extract the text from your screenshot but the quality/resolution was too low and it had a ton of bad OCR errors.

It would be great to print this off and hang up somewhere so our family members can know at a glance what they can easily command the vacuum to do.


easy enough to get around. I always just code what is natural for what I like to say into an Alexa routine that then triggers the correct command. So just create a routine with your phrase as the trigger that then triggers the correct thing to say for Alexa.


“Alexa, Tell Anna break time is over and to get back to work.” which then triggers the “alexa ask wyze vacuum to clean my kitchen” command.

Works great and you can make all your commands much more natural sounding and easier to remember.

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Awesome, now Google assistant integration is a must please


Great tip :+1:
I have made a lot of custom commands for fun, but never really thought about doing it that way. I may now update some of my commands to be more personal like this.

Here is how I previously used custom commands like that. My daughter kept running all around the house yelling to Alexa “Alexa Who farted” then giggled, then would do it again, and again, and again. So I changed that to be a custom routine and caught on a Wyze cam the next time she said it, with it responding:

“If it stinks, then my analysis is that its probably Kiara [My daughter], especially if there are any boys around. Boys make her nervous.”

Wouldn’t you know it, that embarrassing moment was all it took for it to be the very LAST time I ever had to listen to her ask “Who farted” to any of the smart assistants. It was 100% immediate extinction on this behavior…and left me with a great funny video captured on my Office Wyze Cam.

That’s half the reason I have some cams inside my house in public areas. Catching memories like that that I can save after they occur are priceless. :slight_smile: I’m not so worried about “security” inside my house, but the memories are awesome. All sorts of “firsts” from our baby that we wouldn’t have had recorded because we wouldn’t have known to record, and now we can just let the events happen naturally and just download the memory LATER after it’s over. Great stuff. Wish it was 2K though :wink:

But, your tip for making other commands more natural is a useful one! I’m going to have to do that.


Lol I love yours. Wish I would have thought about doing something like that but now my daughter is a teenager so the biggest use I get out if alexa is the drop in / announcement feature to get her out of her room :slight_smile:


Yeah, mine will be 15 this summer :scream: So I understand about it not being as cool when they get older.

However, if she starts trying to sneak out of the house I’ll probably do something like this dad did to his son (Ring instead of Wyze though):


Embarrassing teens in front of their friends is part of parenting 101. We just have to figure out how to get the tech to help us out with that. Maybe we can use Wyze’s “Friendly Faces” and the Vacuum to help. When the teen comes home with a friend have the vacuum automatically start cleaning and have Alexa announce that it detects Teen B.O. or something and is deploying the vacuum and turning on the plug to the fan to try to clean up any residual contaminants. :imp: I’m sure I’ll come up with something appropriately embarrassing. These Alexa commands for the vacuum might be able to help with that.

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That was great! :joy: :rofl:


Mine only works with rooms the vacuum created itself. It had my Familyroom divided up. I merged part of a hallway and foyer into the familyroom. It shows on the map as Room 4. If I ask to clean Room 4, it can’t find Room 4 and doesn’t know what I’m talking about and asks me to repeat it over and over. If I ask to clean any room that was created solely by the vacuum during its original mapping phase, it will clean those. Can’t clean rooms I merged.
Wyze V: 2.28.0 (a11)

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Intersting. Wyze response?

Maybe try renaming room 4 to “Family Room” and see if that makes a difference? It might reset the label for the entire area.


Renaming Room4 to Family Room worked! Weird!


That’s awesome! Thanks for the follow-up. I’m glad it worked. :slight_smile:


No… Thank YOU! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out why just the one area wouldn’t work.