Alexa advertised but not delivered

So the latest Wyze news touts the Robot Vacuum with “robust, almost eerie think-for-itself abilities that works with Alexa?” I have two of them, WHERE IS THE ALEXA INTEGRATION? Mine do a great job of cleaning on a schedule, but when I go to Settings>Alexa it says “Coming soon” HOW CAN YOU ADVERTISE A FEATURE THAT IS NOT AVAILABLE? I have been waiting for this feature since release, over a year ago and it has NEVER appeared. WTF?

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This is currently available in the beta. They are probably still testing it but if you want it early you can sign up to join the beta.

If it’s still in beta it should not be advertised as an available feature. Here is the exact text from the ad I received in my inbox yesterday:

“So your kids want a robot for Christmas, eh? Something equal parts automated and adorable? Something so lifelike and cute it’s practically a member of the family, but with robust, almost eerie think-for-itself abilities that works with Alexa? Well, why not get them one that cleans their room? Wyze Robot Vacuum (refurbished) is marked clear down to a crazy, Kris-Kringling $169.99!”

False advertising in my book.

The product page on Amazon also says it works with Alexa - specifically has an “Alexa Certified” logo saying it integrates. And yet, no, it does not. I even switched to the Beta testing version of the app and although I WAS able to have Alexa find the vacuum, and now I can say, “Alexa, ask Wyze Robot Vacuum to turn on” that and turning off are all it will do. It won’t recognize me asking it to clean a particular room at all, nor does it recognize the scripted command to ask it to “start cleaning” or whatever.

Should be more complete now:

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