Wyze Robot Vacuum integration with Alexa

The beta was at the beginning of August for a week or or two. I missed it myself as I was out of town and haven’t heard anything about it since. Wether it was successful, still ongoing or not.

Any updates on this yet? i know they added to the app, but we cant install the skill/update the skill to use it yet…

I would like to know when the Wyze vacuum cleaner will be integrated with Alexa?

Yes any updates please. I thought in that funding video you stated Customer Service would be greatly improved. Radio silence doesn’t help and is worse then saying we hit some roadblocks we are working out. If you need more testing open the Beta again.

Exactly. Communicate Wyze PM.

Has anyone else had their robot vacuum show up in Alexa devices? I have and I can start a non- specified cleaning using button in app but alexa still not recognizing a voice command…naturally or given the command that we needed to use in the beta which was “alexa, ask wyze robot vacuum to start cleaning” or return to dock.

Yes, same here.


Where do you see this? I have the wyze skill installed but do not see the robot vacuum as an option.

Ask Alexa to sync devices. Should find it under New Devices.

Yeah mine was detected. It will start by voice if you treat it like a light switch. It will just do a floor cleaning routine. Mine is Alexa turn on Jarvis and turn off Jarvis to end it and send home.

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This would be fabulous!

Alexa found mine by syncing, but every command I try I get “wyze vacuum doesn’t support that”

I just ordered a Wyze Robot Vacuum, so I’ll have to see if Alexa recognizes it. Also, thanks so much for including your findings of the specific voice commands. AIs can be a bit fiddly when it comes to voice commands, so this is extremely helpful.

As for the wyze team, looking forward to more improvement down the road and not just a “button” connection setup with Alexa. :innocent::sweat_smile::+1:

Treat it like a light switch. Whatever you named it in the app for example mine is named Jarvis. Just say Alexa turn on Jarvis to start it and off to send it home.

I wanted to setup a routine in Alexa, if I started the robot to turn a third party device off. But I only see my cameras for routines. I do have the robot vacuum in Alexa, but doesn’t seem to be available in the routine section of the app. I’m assuming it’s a limitation of the Wyze skill. Not sure if this is on the list, but would be nice to automate some tasks.

I tried that - I’ve tried about every possible version I could think of names included. No dice.

I cant wait for alexa then R2Clean2 can go to town lol.

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Seriously, when I’m working in my office or listening to music, I have totally missed its cry for help and the battery just runs down while it’s jammed under a table.

Enabling an Alexa announcement would be a perfect solution (which should only happen a few minutes after the device tries asking for help with its own built-in speaker, of course).