Rename the robot vacuum in Alexa?

To wake up the robot vacuum through Alexa, I am required to begin any command by saying “Alexa, tell Wyze vacuum …” or something similar that requires the term “Wyze robot vacuum” or “robot vacuum”

Looked in the skill, in the app, under the bed, no way I found to change it so it will recognize when I say “Alexa, tell Sharon …”.

In the Alexa app, devices can be turned on and off without using the product name. I just say “Alexa, turn off xx” not “Alexa, tell Lightify quartz iodine retina blaster to turn off”

In the Alexa app, the vacuum IS named Sharon

Try "Alexa, Ask Sharon to clean/sweep/vacuum (Room Name) instead of “Tell”. I think Alexa uses the action command tell for communications.

I unfortunately cannot test the above at this time to validate, but see if the change of action word works for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen it but here is the thread with the latest info on the commands

Home and I tested. Ok so above what I mentioned is not the case… I had to be very specific in order to get the WRV to execute using the voice command.

Alexa, ASK Wyze Vacuum to vacuum front entrance.

Alexa responded with “Dusty (my device name), is starting to clean your front entrance”.

I thought I remembered in the Beta you could use the device name.

Precisely. What I would like to say is “Alexa, ask Sharon …”

It’s piddly, but possible.