Wyze Robot Vacuum - Alexa Voice Control Closed-group Beta Testing, Share your experience here!

I removed the alexa wyze-beta skill. I never got the correct email. Direct PM twice. Still nothing. Then the Vacuum beta release Thursday bricked my vacuum. New vacuum on its way courtesy of wyze.

So did the beta end for everyone? I just got an email telling me that “Beta test has ended for the Alexa skill: Wyze-beta”.

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I got the same email. I believe the initial email invite said the beta would last about 2 weeks

When will the alexa / wyze skills be implemented in public release? I miss it already!
I prefer to tell alexa to tell the vac to clean a room rather than finding my phone. Although the skill requires a less than desirable long command, I understand why it is that way at this point.
One thing that I noticed is that when beta ended (no longer available under developer tab in alexa app) ALL of my Wyze lights (white and colored) are “unresponsive” no matter what I do to remedy it. Anyone else have these issues?
Side note: We did have a hurricane in these parts over the weekend and not sure if that may have had anything to do with it, but all of my other smart devices are working beautifully within their respective apps and also from google home or alexa. EXCEPT the lights!

Is Alexa control still only available to a select few? I purchased this vacuum almost ten months ago with the anticipation/promise that this was coming soon. Can I get on the beta and/or when is this going to be released for general audience?

My Alexa just discovered my Wyze vacuum. It seems like they updated the skill to make the Vacuum Alexa compatible. Now I can say “Alexa turn on my vacuum” and it starts cleaning. If I say, “Alexa turn off my vacuum” it goes back to the charging dock".

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I saw the same thing yesterday when I was updating some Alexa skills! I didn’t try a command but just “turned it on” in the Alexa app on my phone and it started cleaning. Yay!

What’s the skill called, I don’t see it in the Alexa listing when I search for wyze (just a wyze one that doesn’t mention the vacuum).

The regular wyze skill might have been updated as I didn’t add anything different. I no longer have the beta skill for the vacuum. Basically when I opened my Alexa app I saw “new devices” found and one of those devices was my wyze robot which hadn’t been acknowledged before. When I opened up the “new device” it recognized the wyze robot vacuum and I could power it on and off from the app but my alexa device would not respond to an actual cleaning command. It says “Wyze Guy vacuum doesn’t support that”.

My vac show up on my alexa also today. I did nothing. Just showed up as a new found device.

Yea so ig it’s now part of the public beta? Or idk but anyway yes it’s working for me I can start and stop from Alexa! Problem is you cannot tell it which rooms to clean or anything which makes it next to useless for me. Hope to see this added soon!

Are you kidding me? I’m bumping up on the one year anniversary of ordering with the anticipation of Alexa integration soon after launch and I’m not even as ‘lucky’ as you to be able to even access this feature though my app does show that it’s ‘coming soon’ (I won’t hold my breath on that soon part). Now you’re reporting that the only functionality is start/stop? Give me a break. Maybe in the next few years we’ll get an update that let’s us do what even the most budget vacs come with out of the box. Oh and can I split rooms on virtual walls yet? I get tired of checking.

Yea ik the promised Alexa integration is taking a lot longer than “soon” but all the other smart mapping features have been added a while ago. (At least the ones I wanted)

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You don’t have to be invited, as far as I can tell. Just google for the directions on how to be added to the beta testing. There is a link you have to tap on from your phone, and you have to have an app called test flight installed. But yeah, all I can do is turn it on (which starts cleaning) and off (which stops cleaning).

Thanks for the tip. That won’t do me much good. Once again, a half implemented function for half the audience and almost a year over due. Thanks again for the terrible customer experience @WyzeHongfei @Wyzeacre @WyzeBaohua @WyzeRyan @Kenny

Hey just got the vacuum and I’m iOS developer. Would love to test the skill and provide feedback. Thanks :raised_hands:

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Not sure if your skilled in this but there is an unofficial Wyze api (Wyze-sdk) and I was trying to make my own Wyze alexa skill that uses the api to add room mapping and such until Wyze is ready to release their own. The python api has functions for start and stop plus room mapping and much more. I unfortunately wasn’t able to import it into the Alexa hosted lambda server but maybe that’s something your into? Just an idea :wink:

The fruits of your labors: :slight_smile:


I just wanted to take a moment to thank Wyze Product Managers and Engineers for delivering this device! This functionality has been very popular amongst the community! It is working perfectly and has completely taken my vacuum to the next level. I love that I can ask the device to clear individual rooms, even asking to clean multiple rooms with a single command! This has completely made my day! Thank you so much!


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