Cannot update to Wyze Robot Vaccum Beta v1.6.126


I signed up for the Wyze Beta and downloaded the Beta app through TestFlight (iOS) however I’m unable to update to the latest firmware Beta for Robot Vacuum. When going into Device Info the app shows v1.6.113 as the latest version, and yes, I’m enrolled in Beta (About > Beta Program).
Any suggestions on how to get the latest firmware?


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In the app (on Android)…

Go to Account → Beta Program → and on this screen, you will click edit and select the devices you want to enroll in the Beta.

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Didn’t work for me :frowning:

To be honest, I don’t think it was released to a wide group of beta testers. Just an internal group. Some users have even mentioned 1.6.131.

The Wyze person handling the vacuum product line said in another thread that it’s weeks away from release and that was about 10 days ago.

So glass half full, you’re not doing anything wrong and you’re likely all configured correctly.

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I hope it goes live soon. I have not been able to download the firmware in months, and I want multi-floor support.

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Got tired of waiting, so I bought another one (that mops too :wink: ) to use on a different floor.

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