Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger: Wyze Robot Vacuum! 11/10/20

Meet the new Wyze Robot Vacuum.

LIDAR-powered room mapping, efficient straight-line path planning, and full control from your Wyze app for schedules and virtual walls. $199 during pre-order.

Learn more here:


Wow! $180-$200 preorder + an extra gift depending on total orders. Then it jumps up to $250 next year, partially due to ridiculous tariffs to punish China (but are actually punishing the rest of us). Yikes, way better to order now if we want it!


That would certainly be our recommendation! :grimacing:


No detentions. Total height?
Thanks in Advance

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Oops “Dimensions”

it would help if it stopped refusing payment. this happened with my v3 order and had to wait a day to finalize the order.

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Any particular future upgrade plans in mind?

Will it work with Google or Alexa?


Vacuum size (length x depth x height): 13.8in * 13.8in * 3.7in

Charging Station (length x depth x height): 6.06in * 2.95in * 3.90in

They recommend space of 0.5m on both the right & left sides of the charging dock, and a space of at least 1.5m in front of it.


I would totally buy it. If only, you know, remember that Canada exists. =(


No mention on the website or FAQ on whether it can store maps for multiple floors. I assume that means single floor mapping only?


At this time it can be used on 2 floors, but it would create a new map when it is introduced into the new environment. So it deals with only the floor it is on. Multiple floor support is coming, however. The software is still pretty new.


@charlie82671, sorry to hear this! What happens when you try to order? I’d recommend contacting Wyze Customer Support about that.

@carverofchoice, we’ll have Alexa later but are still discussing Google. We’ll also have the ability to store maps of multiple floors in the home!

@Newshound, thanks for the help!

@katriik, we are SUPER looking forward to having Canadian shipping finalized so we can ship to you directly! Still making progress, I promise! :smiley:

@braden, single floor for now but we’ll have multi-floor saved maps later.


So you could only do selective cleaning once it has re-mapped the floor? And it would need to re-map every time you change between floors or it can store the original map to start using again when it’s moved back to the primary floor? Thanks!

Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn! To clarify, you mean multi floor mapping will be available in a future firmware update? Or in a future new hardware model? If it’s firmware I’m ordering now :slight_smile:

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It’s firmware! :smiley:


Awesome info Newshoound, just what I was looking for!


What does single floor mean? Will it work if the wooden floors also have area rugs?
I ordered one and the order went through fine for me.

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Many houses have one level but some have stairs and such and are multi-level. Right now, it saves the map for one floor but we’ll add multi-floor map saving later! You can use it on wooden floors with rugs and it will transition between flooring types well (as long as you don’t have shag carpet that is too long). :slight_smile:


That’s what my wife wanted to hear: multilevel support eventually! I guess we’re sold after that, so thanks.

As for Google, I understand they’ve been complicated lately, for lots of places… Then there is how they’ve dedicated their efforts to dropping “works with nest” to create some new “works with hey google” integration instead, so old integrations have been getting ignored and companies losing connectivity. I guess, just be patient and don’t totally write off Google… They aren’t as developer friendly as Alexa right now, but I understand they’re working on making improvements…

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