Robot Vacuum Software Dissapointment

I should be receiving my vacuum sometime next week. I have been watching the forums very closely and I keep seeing the same issues come up repeatedly.

The main issues being:

-Charger docking issues

-Room mapping issues

-Scheduled cleaning issues

-Single room cleaning issues

-Resuming cleaning issues

-Virtual wall issues

-Wi-Fi connection issues

There does not seem to be a single working feature on this vac. When it comes to lidar vacuums, the entire thing is built on programming. This is my first product I have ever gotten from Wyze and frankly I’m quite appalled. This is completely unacceptable; it appears as if nothing was tested at all. A simple beta test would have show that there is not a single feature that works. I understand this is a very aggressive price point, but at the very least I would expect this thing to work at a basic level. If the mapping feature does not work properly this product is essentially junk. It is kind of disheartening seeing that people are begging for the beta app so they can get basic features working. I would have been much happier if the product were delayed all together. CD Projekt Red just had this same exact issue happen and it cost them millions. We must take a stand, at the very least a conclusive answer with a firm date on when these things are going to be fixed. I am not satisfied with “we are currently working on this feature” that could mean anything. I passed up on a great Neato D4 deal over the holidays, I hope I don’t deeply regret it.


I too have been reading through the forums and my vacuum should be coming in a few days. Seeing the issues people are having has made me a little nervous. This is a gift for my wife (and me of course :slight_smile: ) so I’m hoping to not spend a bunch of time trying to troubleshoot connection or mapping issues. The whole idea for me buying this was to have a hands-free, forget about it experience.

Hopefully an update comes out in the next week to take care of some of these issues I’ve been reading about. I have been an advocate for Wyze, telling my friends and family about their cameras, etc., but reading through the forums has made me worry a bit. These issues do need to be fixed quick or people we be returning them. I am more tech savvy, so I don’t mind messing with it for a bit, but the average person would probably get frustrated with some of these features not working and they would return it.

I’ll save my verdict until I receive this and test it out. I’m excited to get it - I just hope it works like expected! And maybe there will be an update in a couple of days! :slight_smile:

Remember, the posts you see on the forum represent a small percentage of product owners.
The majority of satisfied customers don’t drop in to tell the world how happy they are with the product.

There are 100’s of posts about camera problems. I have 8, they wotk fine.


I’ve seen very few complaints, definitely nothing I would label widespread yet.

I’ve had the vacuum for 2 weeks now and love it, only a minor glitch with a virtual wall moving.

This thing is a darn good piece of tech for $200.


I dont know what you’d consider very few but I just named 8 seperate things vital for the function of the vac and that I’ve seen at least twice each. It’s also fair to assume not every Wyze user is on here. There is not much benefit to the community to downplay system breaking bugs and the non fulfillment of features promised. Not to be rude or anything but coming in here and saying you have no issues when dozens or more people do doesn’t help anything. It just undermines those with issues.

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I understand that but it is a bit problematic to assume that every single person with an issue comes to the forum. That doesn’t even account for those who returned products. Do you write a bad review on every product you didn’t love or have returned? I know I certainly haven’t. I would assume if most issues are managable the majority of people would just deal with it.

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If you look at my post history, you’ll see I’m not at all on board with downplaying or writing off issues.

When I compare what I have (or haven’t, in this case) seen, it pales in comparison to what I would say were some of the more problematic launches: fitness tracker, pan cam, lock, etc.

Only advice I’d give is that before you start bringing out your pitchforks and calling for heads to roll, you might want to wait until you actually receive the product and have a chance to use it first.


Understandable, but nothing I have called issue to is related to the Vaccum. These are all software issues. If people were telling me their lidar didn’t scan I would save my judgment, but 80% of the issues all seem to be software issues. I don’t see how it would be different for me if I have the same app ass them. Unless they did receive faulty units and some of the mapping issues are rated to that. But the inability to even choose a room to clean ,or scheduling not working. I don’t think I need to save my judgment for that. Im importing this in to Canada. After the robbery from the banks exchange rate and the extra cost to ship it in I’ve paid a lot. At the bare minimum I’d expect a properly finished app. There are many features lacking or implemented very poorly.


You seem to have decided that you are going to have problems with the vacuum so you probably will.
At least you do have a few days to test and return it.

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I :heart: my Wyze vac! Worked perfectly 1st run on 1st floor. Took it upstairs, and started a cleaning. It did another great job, but didn’t return to the charging station because it was going by same floor map. “Mapping error” or something like that.
I reset the map, and ran it again. :ok_hand:
Hopefully, Wyze will add an option for more than one floor map. But, it does such a good job without a saved map…¯_(ツ)_/¯
On top of that…it leaves the carpet looking better than my Hoover Platinum. The carpet has a more “groomed” look with a better nap.


I have had mine now for a couple weeks and can say I haven’t witnessed any of these issues. Initial mapping was around 1000 sqft with many obstacles and required 2 returns to the charger which went fine, resuming right where it left off each time. Reviewing the map it does look like it spent some extra time trying to get out from under tables and behind stands but it was successful each time. After the initial run I added keep out boxes to each of those areas and it has been working great. I’ve run a single room on a night time schedule and that also worked fine. I’ve kept the use cases simple and so far am quite happy with the way works.

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I’ve had some of the issues described above but no different than the Roomba and the Eufy I had previous to this. In fact, I still have the Eufy and retired it from active duty to focus on the WRV. They all have their quirks but, for the most part, the WRV has been pretty darn good and I’m sure some of the issues will be resolved w/ updates resolving the issues and providing more app functionality. The one HUGE win is that time that it takes FAR LESS TIME to clean because it’s precise rather than a madhouse run for far too long (Eufy esp w/ the great battery life). Overall, very happy w/ what’s been provided so far and I’m looking forward to updates.


I’ve had the Robot Vacuum for several days and have had nothing but problems as listed above by others. Nothing seems to work for long. Inferior to other robot vacuums. Nice tech as long as it is not in use. I am seriously considering a return. Enormous disappointment. Obviously rushed into production before properly testing in real world settings. Customers are doing the QA.

Well, I should hope so. I wouldn’t think it would be something you would have to consider.

I’d just like to jump on here and say that there must be a few defective units out there, but this was the first time I heard of any problems with the vacuum. I’ve had mine running consistently for about three weeks, and I haven’t had any problems. Ok,… that’s not totally true, I had a time or two when it’s started, ran around the perimeter and then came back to the dock. But beyond that, it’s been a great little machine. Much better than any other robot vac I’ve had. The lidar works great and I’m very impressed by it in general. Not trying to dismiss anyone’s complaints. Just saying that the issues aren’t as universal as some are making them out to be.

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I got a shipment notification on 12/24/2020 for the Wyze Robotic Vacuum. It just got delivered this afternoon. I am going to unbox it tomorrow morning, so wish me luck. Any helpful hints/tricks would be much appreciated before the unboxing. How do we get our free V3 camera?
Thanks very much!

They sent us an email where we choose our item through a survey. I not sure exactly what happens after that as the V3 is still not available. Only tip is if you’re using a dual band router that doesn’t divide the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, you may run into trouble connecting. If that is the case, move to the furthest place in your house from the router and it should force the 2.4ghz.

I cannot finish Vacuum setup: My home is remote and my Wi-Fi network is, by choice, not password protected, and therefore (I’m told by WYZE support) I cannot move beyond ‘connection’ and begin to configure my new vacuum. Long wait for an oversized hockey puck. I’m expecting WYZE will amend the software. When???

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Ya know, a simple Wifi password would turn your electric hockey puck into a vacuum. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was one of the early adopters and got my Wyze Robot Vacuum several weeks ago, and it’s been working great. I’ve never owned a Roomba or other similar vacuum before, so this was new to me. It’s really cool how the vacuum can map out the house floor plan using LIDAR and then uses it’s AI to follow a cleaning path systematically. WIth the app you can watch real-time the cleaning path of the vacuum which is cool. So far, this little robot has been working great in my house keeping the dust, dog hair, debris, etc. vacuumed up off our hardwood floors. I haven’t tried it on carpet yet. For the cost, it’s a great value in my opinion.

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