Get Google Assistant or Alexa

I’m at the crossroads where I need to decide which ecosystem to buy into. We have Amazon prime and love it as well as prime video and their other services, however Google Assistant has its perks as well as we use gmail and their other services too. On iphone though but not considering Siri due to high cost of the devices.

I know Google Home just got integrated with Wyze, but is there Alexa integration already? Are the two neck and neck? So hard to decide!

Amazon Echo / Alexa has much more done in the Home Integration dept and Google beats Amazon when it comes to anything you search for via voice command.

I’m a full Google guy (Pixel phone) and everything I have at my house works with Home Assistant so I’m thinking about just getting their other devices (Speakers and Screens) but I have to admit that Amazon is still ahead here…

Amazon/Alexa has better smart home integration and Google/Home answers factual questions better, so I have both.

Its Beta and VHS all over again, if you are old enough to remember… I went with all things Google as it favours Android imho. There are advocates for both and the opinions here are all valid. Google has a fantastic search capability and I have no compatibility issues. I am running in excess of 60 devices on my wireless network and have not had any regret thus far…

So, here’s the question: can I use Alexa to “arm” the Wyze cameras and sensors? I want to say “Alexa, arm Wyze,” and have the notifications for all sensors and cameras turn on. Same to “disarm Wyze.” Anyone?