Include Google Assistant Intergration

Wyze needs to include the Google Assistant compatibility along with Alexa. If Wyze is dropping Google Assistant we need to know. The lock, the soon to be thermostat and most other products need to be compatible with both.


I totally agree! I use mostly Alexa devices but I also have started to use a chromecast and I plan to get a home hub. @WyzeFrederik might have some input on this,

I have 2 google minis (besides my Alexa echo dots) and hope wyze keeps up with the integrations.

A note aside…

I recently started using chromecast also.

It has a fantastic feature… a screensaver.

Check it out. It randomizes photos from your Google Photos.
You can even select which persons to recognize and it picks out those persons photos to display in a slideshow.


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Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll try this out! :grinning:

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Um, Amazon Firesticks, FireTVs, FireHD Tablets, and I think Echo Shows all have the same fantastic personalized photo screen saver / slide show feature. I very recently implemented it at home and it works fine. I wasn’t already using Amazon Photos (free unlimited with Prime) so I actually used Google Takeout to grab batches from an Android phone account. It does the same auto scrapbooking as Google and Apple and it has face recognition which I’m avoiding.

(Note: it’s not all that fantastic.)

P.S. personally I grew to despise my Chromecasts years ago.

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I agree…

I use Tablo boxes to receive and watch TV and chromecast was a disaster, switched to ROKU.

I wanted to watch shows on the Quibi phone app, but didn’t want to watch on a phone.

I bought a later version chromecast dangle to be able to cast to the TV.

Worked great… I didn’t keep the Quibi app, but discovered the great screensaver by accident and use it all the time.


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Ohh I’ve had my eye on the Tablos for a long time. How do you like them? I was planning on a refurb 4 tuner model but I see they’re sold out…

Any major gotchas? From what I recall the big ones were lag and reduced picture quality…

I have 3 or the original 4 tuner Tablos. I have a lifetime subscription to the guide and commercial skip on my main Tablo.

The biggest issue is reception. You have to have a quality antenna placed high enough to get the channels, and often 2 antennas through a splitter if the TV towers are in different directions. Also you need to connect the tablos to your router by ethernet cable - wifi connection is iffy.
I do use powerline TP-Link devices to carry the ethernet signal from my router to my tablos, The tablos are on the 3rd floor with the antennas.

If you like to tinker… as a lot of use do according to these forums, then you might want to experiment.
As with Wyze, it’s not for the faint of heart and you need some technical skills.

I used my first Tablo for a month before I canceled my Cable… just in case.

I’d browse the tablo forums to see what the users say.



Thanks! You didn’t mention anything bad about the actual product functions so I’ll take that as a good sign. :slight_smile:

The need for wiring and signals is a given. If the lag and picture quality are good (I had read they always provide a reduced resolution) my remaining issue would be retaining some cable channels, probably via something like SlingTV or Philo.

I think the picture quality is fine.

The lag people talk about… when you start to view a channel, there is about a 6-8 second buffering delay, then all is ok from then on. That seems to erk some people, but it’s the way tablo works to enable the pause/recording requirements. I haven’t found it to be a problem.

They have had 5 years to improve the software and firmware and have come along way.



To get back to the original point, yes—we need full Google integration. The bulbs work, and the sensors can control the bulbs, but I’d love full integration. To be fair, Hue doesn’t integrate perfectly either.


My Hue integrates perfectly with Google Assistant. I have 14 bulbs I have set up inside and outside the house.

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Sure, I have 21, plus 5 Lifx, 5 C-by-GE, and 3 Wyze. (I wish Wyze had been introduced sooner!). But Google lost track of the upstairs hall bulb earlier this evening even though Hue hadn’t. Every once in a while, I have to add my hub back in.

But you are right. One brilliant thing Hue did was to identify its scenes as devices, so I can say, “Turn on the dining room ‘relax’” instead of “turn the dining room lights to 40% and turn the dining room lights to warm white” (or whatever settings the “relax” scene has).

That’s a lot of bulbs. Lol I have been lucky so far. Have only had Hue for a few months, but my son has had them for a long time. I don’t have any Wyse bulbs. May give one a look.

My mother lives with me. She is 90 and has trouble raising her arms. I got Wyze cameras so I could make sure she was okay from elsewhere.

I am committed to Google Home. I have also been concerned about the lack of integration in recent products. If you all are dropping support, we need to know. I would need to look elsewhere. Please just let us know


If Google Home integration is removed from the WYZE cameras, I will need to look elsewhere for security cameras for my new house since ALL the other smart home features integrate with Google.


I haven’t heard it’s going to be removed. It’s just that it’s not very full. Maybe Google plays favorites for Nest cameras, but you can do a lot more with a Nest.

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I agree with Google Assistant compatibility as essential. I have standardized on Google Assistant and have constrained my purchase of Wyze products for that reason. It seems there really is no commitment to Google Assistant compatibility in the Wyze roadmap.

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Totally agree. I’ve decided not to buy anymore Wyze protects supported by Alexis, but not Google. That should be a feature before releasing, not “on the road map”.