Include Google Assistant Intergration

All I have are Google Home Minis and a Nest Mini. I really don’t want to have to go to IFTTT to integrate. Ist should be standard.


Agreed, we are an all Google home (both my wife and I have Android phones and 4 Google home minis, a OG Google Home, a Lenovo display, outdoor Google Assistant Soaker, Sony Android TV with Sony soundbar with inbuilt Chromecast support all running on a Google Wifi) and all Wyze kit (2 Wyze Pans, 10 Wyze bulbs, 2 Plugs, scale, and 6 Contact Sensors+2 Pir sensors) for all of our home automation. With that said, while we love the ability to control all of our bulbs with Google Assistant, beyond that their is a lot left to be desired from a Google Assistant compatability and integration perspective… At a minimum it’d be nice to have chime support through any Google Assistant connected devices when a designated Wyze contact sensors is opened. Either way, I wholeheartedly agree with the OP, Wyze could definitely stand to up their Google compatibility, integration and overall support…


Integration with Google Assistant is one of the main reasons I have chosen Wyze products, If they are going to stop, we need to know.

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Who said so? This is how rumours start.

I don’t know where it started from and agree about rumors, but should easily be able for company to state if it is true or not to end any speculation as it is obviously an important issue for those responding.

I agree… but in the meantime… Besides my 2 Google Minis, I have 2 Amazon echo dots.

The Echo dot is cheap. The Alexa routines are fantastic… they can announce a “person detected on a camera”, turn on lights and plugs from contact and motion sensors. I can get notifications of these events sent to my echo dots and my CELL.

Nice when you are away from home, you get notifications such as “A person was detected on the front porch”, etc. Then I can view my V2 cameras to see if a package was left.

You should look into it.



Oh I get alerts (both motion and of the people variety) via the Wyze app on my cell when I’m not home, and use our Google Homes to turn the plugs in the house (one to a fan, the other to a lamp) on and off. I can also view video on the Lenovo display with a command to the Google Assistant, which we rarely use, but beyond that the integration is pretty thin…

With all of that said, the Alexa routines sound super neat and robust. At this point I’ve spent so much money over the last few years, that I don’t want to spend anymore on an other ecosystem. Plus we live in an old 2 bedroom craftsman bungalow with only one plug per room, so every plug is a precious and currently over utilized, with multiple power plug tendrils coming off of them. Beyond that, I can’t afford to add more electronics clutter to our place (as is my wife BARELY tolerates all of the speakers and cameras in and around the house), fingers crossed Wyze does right by those like me that have supported them all of these years, and adds better Google compatibility, integration and support! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Agreed. I bought Wyze partly because Google integration was promised. I’m pausing any more purchases until this is resolved.