Google Home/Assistant Integration

EDIT: As of 5/29/19, the Google Assistant integration has officially launched!

We’re investigating this now! We don’t have timelines or promises but we’re going to do our best to make this happen. This would open up automation and voice control options for people that use Google Home/Assistant.



Here’s the most recent update as of 04/18/2019:


Okay, now there is a real place (Home Hub) to legitimately view Wyze Cam feeds. Please support Google Assistant integration as soon as you can. Love my Wyze Cams! Just pre-ordered my Google Home Hub, so help me out here y’all! :smiley:


I second that. I decided to pre-order the new Google Home Hub as well and would love to see the Wyze Cam integration with it.


I’ve added both your votes for Google Assistant integration to Wyze’s feature request tracker. I’m told that this will probably be the next major integration added. However, I have no idea when that might be.


Thanks for moving this thread as well Rick. I didn’t really know where to start it! :smiley:

I was just told that this is likely the next major integration to be done. It’s so popular it’s not being tracked anymore in the feature request tracker. So keep your fingers crossed for soon. As I’ve mentioned above, the way to see it first is to join the beta program.


Cool beans! Well done RickO! Thanks!

I’m also really looking forward to Google Assistant integration. I have a Google Home Hub and 4 cameras. Love both Wyze and Google Home.


I am right there with all of you. I love my wyze cams and would likely buy a few more, but I would really like integration with my new home hub / aka display (Google Home term for the Home Hub).

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Please get wyze working with google assistant, google home and chromecast. It will be a reason to buy more wyze.

Thanks ~ Doug Erickson


Me too!

Wonderig if this guy (Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant) might get supported? $100 off at Best buy right now…

I currently have 7 Wyze cams at my home. I also have a Google home and 2 mini’s. I will be buying the Google home hub on Black Friday for $99. It sure would be nice to be able to view cams on it. Please work hard to do this.
I love these cameras. I ordered 3 for my brother, 3 for co-workers, and put in 2 at my church.
By the way, I haven’t seen any new “Tips on Tuesday” lately.


I’m hoping so too, the large screen and camera are a selling point for me. I heard that the Home Hub and Smart Displays use different technologies (Chromecast based vs Android Things based). Hopefully it will integrate with both.

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Looks like they’re both running the same OS that Google “owns”, just different hardware.
I hope Google integration it high on the Wyze team’s list :grin:


It is high on the priority list. Very … high. :slight_smile:

Note that Chromecast and Home Hub are using the same display technology. So once the integration with Chromecast is done, Google Assistant should be able to show the camera on a hub device too. At least this is our understanding at this point. Further testing needs to be done obviously.


Thanks for chiming in! :slight_smile:


OMG. I am so excited for this!! Thank you Wyze Team! An incredible product and incredible support!


Please provide regular status updates on Google Assistant integration. WE NEED THIS.


I too am waiting for a Google update I will be happy to buy a lot of cameras but not until Google Assistant is integrated

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I just picked up a Google Home Hub and would love to be able to pull up my feeds on it.

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