Chromecast option?

Ability to cast the video from phone to TV using chromecast or similar devices.


This #roadmap item may interest you.


thank you

OK Google, cast Porch WyzeCam on LivingRoom TV. Would be awesome!


So far I’ve only been able to Chromecast Wyze videos using VLC on an old Nexus 7 to a Vizio TV with a Google Chromecast.
Odd that the Nexus 7 does the conversion and a new iPhone Xr can’t and times out.
It would be nice to be able to use the Google Assistant or Siri to send them to the Chromecast.

Sadly, the iPhone not converting the video is not surprising. They’re pretty jealous about their codecs. I have so many old family videos that won’t play on my mac without using a program to convert/transcode.

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Google Smartcast will let you mirror your device screen to your Chromecast. Start that, log in to desired cam, go to full screen and you have a full tv display of your cams view. Works great. Haven’t played with audio yet.

I’d like to be able to do this without two devices being used for it is the problem. I have an echo plus and want to be able to cast my v2 to my chrome cast because I use it wayyy more than the fire TV. I really hope they come up with a way to do this. There should be a chromecast casting button in app, imo

Yes, Apple’s closed system is my number one reason for leaving that platform