Feature request: Google cast support

Please consider adding support for Google cast, I would really like to use one of my Wyze Cams as a baby monitor and cast the live feed to my one of my tv’s.


Definitely on the wish list of requests that we’re getting! (though we might be integrating Alexa first).

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I’m assuming ALEXA and GOOGLEhome is bundled correct?

Either way I’m good, I have Amazon Fire TV boxes as well as Chromecasts connected to my TV’s. I just need a way to get the live feed to the tv without a huge delay in the stream. Thanks for the reply!!

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For iPhone and iPad owners, support for Apple AirPlay would also be nice, in addition to Chromecast support of course. I own a 2nd Gen. Chromecast and an Apple TV 4K, so would utilize both features with my 3 Wyze cams if implemented.

unfortunately not!

adding that to the wish list!

that would be great!

I found a work around until proper chrome cast support is added. In the google home app click side menu -> cast screen / audio and then open up the wyze app and fullscreen the video stream.

It’s not ideal but I also use my wyze cam as a monitor for the playroom and it lets me keep an eye on the kids while I’m in my office.

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Now Google Home Hub is out, do you plan any support for that? It would be awesome.


(Google Home Hub is a Google Home with a screen, like Amazon Echo Show).

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Ok, lets fast forward to September 30 2019…
Now that Wyze cam ver2 is compatible with the Google home, I am having some issues and wondering if this is normal, or am I the only one having issues…When I want to watch a live feed from the Wyze cam V2 I have to ask Google 3 or 4 times before it actually shows on my TV, even though the Google home understand and also said " showing ‘video’ on bedroom tv…and after it does start playing the video, it shuts down after 5 min, I done this several times just to rule out that it was not a fluke…anyone else having issues with using google home?
Thanks in advance for any feed back…