Home Hub Not Working (but Chromecast is)

Hi guys, we’ve had Wyze cameras for almost 2 weeks now and so far not bad. All running latest firmware.

When I first setup the cameras the “Hey google, show me camera” worked on the Home Hub display after about 30 seconds. Worked a few times and although there was that significant delay it worked. Chromecast, however, always seems to work instantly in comparison although not much better at around 15 seconds to load.

Now, into the second week and Home hub feed does not work anymore. When saying “hey google, show me camera on chromeast” that does work… Anyone else experiencing this? I actually did try to unlink and re-link Wyze account to Google and same thing. I hate to say it but this is an issue and my wife is already wondering if I wasted money on these cameras (the other issue is sharing cameras and not seeing sd card playback).

I ultimately want these cameras to work for us. It’s hard not to like them at this price point but then again we are used to having good experiences and results from Nest. I know they don’t compare but the process in getting Wyze and Google to work seamlessly is becoming an issue.

Thanks for reading and hope to find a solution. :slight_smile:


There is a big delay on Alexa / FireTV too. These things are really intended to be used only via phone app. Some of us have been begging for browser, PC, Firestick, and other versions too but it’s not going anywhere yet. If you need something stationary I’d suggest an old phone or tablet running the app. People also like using it with TinyCam. Lot of threads on this.


I have 3 V2 Wyze Cams and they worked great on my Google Nest Hub, Now they will not stream to the hub. They will all stream to All of my TV’s one has casting built in, one has Chrome Cast plugin and one has Chrome Cast HD plugin. I cannot cast to the Nest. If I select the Nest is says “Playing Great Room Camera” then “Smart Home Camera” and finally it shows a Music type player with a Music player type blocks and then returns to the home view that plays on the screen. Any Ideas why this no longer works

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I see your post in the topic. Please also vote for that vitally important Wishlist item if you have not had the chance to do so already.

I have 4 cameras around my house and run a few devices. From my JBL Link Views throughout the house. I can no longer cast the cameras on these devices. It seems that it does connect and recognize the devices. However, the video feed is not playing anything.

Can confirm that it works on all chromecast TV set ups.

I have been having this issue for months now, although the stream would not work on any Chromecast devices, now it is working on the Chromecast, but still not working on the Nest Hub display.

Upon prompting, or manually selecting the camera, the hub shows Playing Smart Home Camera with the various controls at the bottom of the screen, and then a few seconds pass and that disappears a few seconds later, at which point the screen goes black with Smart Home Camera in the middle of the display, after which the screensaver comes back on, with the minimized controls on the right half of the screen, and then it just goes back to the screensaver/background image.

I use the same email for the Wyze account as the Google account (someone had suggested this has an impact), and have removed and re-associated the Wyze account numerous times. All the cameras appear in the google home account, but the Nest Hub still will not show the stream.

Interestingly enough, the previous camera upgrade suggested an improvement in Google connection, but I’m not seeing it.

I would have suspected the 2-factor authentication as a possble contributing factor, but then why is it only the Nest Hub display that now fails? It used to work on the Nest Hub,

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same thing here

Had my cams for a couple of weeks now and have not been able to successfully cast to my Chromecast or any of my hubs.

Has anyone from wyze acknowledged that this issue? I’ve seen posts as far back as Jun '19 reporting similar issues.

New update and still defective… I guess Wyze’ going to bury their heads in the sand even though their products are advertised as `works with Google’

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This is insane and I know I’m not alone in my frustration. Just like many people in these forums in various threads and in threads on Google’s forums, the combination of Wyze cams and Google home hub simply doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked since day one. It never worked before launch. I’ve been following this eagerly for YEARS now and am extremely disappointed it hasn’t been resolved yet. We see you releasing new products almost on a weekly basis at this point… support your existing customers or else we will lose faith and won’t purchase new products for fear they won’t function as advertised and the support isn’t there.

I wonder if this is more of a Google problem, where they are prioritizing their own Nest cams over third-party cameras. My parents use another third-party “Works with Google” security camera and also has the same issue.

Other cams work though. It would be anti trust for google to do that.

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