Chromecast USB Dongle and Wyze Cameras

OK so I was reading a Wyze Article where you can stream to any Chromecast enabled devices, including a TV with the Chromecast USB Dongle, Has anyone done this? If so, I am wanting to know was it successful with ONLY the Chromecast Dongle, or do you have to have the Google Home Hub aka Goggle Home Assistant and Google Nest Hub (the one with Video capabilities)?

I have 5 Wyze Cameras and a 24" tv I want to load the Google Chromecast Dongle on and use as a Security Monitor for my home, since my wife works from home I think it a safe way to let her see ANYTHING moving around the house in real time. I have read where people are basically casting from a device to the TV, but I want the Google Chromecast Dongle to act as the receiver for the signals, without additional devices like the hub, phone or tablet casting the video.

I will get the Nest Hub if I have to, but the article I read said the Google Chromecast Dongle will work too. I am also looking into using a Linux OS to load a DVR Program to and maybe turning it into a simply DVR Recorder in a closet or something,

Hi. I don’t think you need a hub. But you probably won’t like this setup. From what I’ve heard it’s much like the Alexa skill / Firestick equivalent. Long delay to show a camera, only one camera at a time, no interaction or features, and times out after a few minutes. There are several other ways people use, notably TinyCam.

I use a Cromecast and it’s slow to show the camera and sometimes doesn’t show it at al! I’m going to be moving over to a Firestick because they are better at streaming the Wyze cams and they have more options.(in my opinion)

Really, is the Chromecast method that much slower? Because the Firestick method is pretty darned slow. Unusable to see who’s at the door. (Not to mention no two way audio.)

Yes, it can take 2-3min sometimes!
I’ve had good experiences with the Firestick.

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Yikes. The Firestick can take upwards of 30 seconds, and frequently fails entirely, but it’s not as bad as that.

Occasionally I have to unlink/relink all of my V2’s (Wyze Home) via Google Home, but it works pretty reliably for me. Chromecast 2 dongle plugged into old (2009) Sony Bravia TV. Takes about 30-45 seconds to connect (and stabilize on TV) and then times out, by design, after about 10-15 minutes. Slight delay (lag) in the Live feed, versus directly from the app, but works well. No hub of any kind in use. I’ve created a keyboard shortcut for each of my 6 cameras on my iPad that I can type into the Google Assistant app. i.e. “spw” expands to “Show Porch Window on Sony Bravia”, then tap Enter to initiate the stream.

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This happens to me too but it’s also the lights and plugs.

I’ve got a first generation. Do you think that’s the causes of the issues (for me)?

Could be. 2nd Gen CC has a faster WiFi chip (802.11ac) than the 1st Gen (802.11n).

I have tried many methods of “casting” to my tv. They all suffer from serious lag and disconnect unexpectedly. Not useful IMO, at this time. Wyze seems unwilling or unable to solve this problem for Android TV owners by providing an Android TV app.

Could be.
As I said before:

So I won’t have to deal with this anymore.

Please let us know how dependable your connection is after a few weeks of use. I could live with the video lag as long as I could dependably display the video quickly at any time.

Same experience here using a Chromecast 3rd gen, although it usually takes about 45-60 seconds to connect. I have better results using one of my Chromecast Ultras… max of 10 seconds to connect and displays cam groups all day with minimal lag.


Thanks for the info. Appreciated.

I should clarify… since there is no cast function in the Wyze app and Google’s Home setup doesn’t support a group of cams, my displaying cam groups is actually mirroring, which isn’t what the OP asked for. I have no problem displaying any one cam to a Chromecast Ultra plugged into any of my TVs initiated via Google Assistant on a phone, tablet, or Home Mini.

Yeah, there is NO VIDEO OR CAMERA LISTING at all. I have the latest Firmware on the cameras, my Phone and the New Chromecast Dongle. Nothing is listing what so ever as far as cameras in my Google Home App on the phone I see the Chromecast Dongle and My Mini only. I found a couple of really good tutorials online, both say precisely the same things and they only difference is the pictures. But the step by step is the same. I honestly do not think the Wyze System works well with Chromecast if at all from my experience. It lists them in the ‘Works With’ list, but yeah, it is a no go.

I am using a fairly recent Samsung TV with Smart Capabilities (RJ45 Jack, WiFi, a few other features), the Chromecast Dongle is Brand New, My router and WiFi are new and GB connection (AT&T GB Service) and as I stated earlier, everything is Current on the Firmware/OS. So there is no reason it should fail so miserably. I should be getting at minimum a picture.

I have been able to “Screencast”, “Mirror”, “Screenshare”,etc Wyze video to two different TVs (LG & Visio) from both my phones app and various screen sharing apps from the Google Play Store.
They all have one common flaw; the connection lasts for 10 to 30 minutes and then stops. I was going to use an old phone hooked up to permanently screen cast Wyze video. I gave up because it wasn’t worth going through the pairing process every time I wanted to view Wyze on the tv screen.
I don’t see any fundamental reason why you couldn’t use an old phone (with the battery removed and permanently powered) to constantly stream video to a TV. I am not sure of what causes the drop out after a few minutes.
Has anyone had success with longterm screencasting from a cellphone?

I’ve used a lightning to HDMI adapter with an old phone connected to a tv. Then I an just change the input.

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Thanks, it won’t work for me, because it’s not compatible with any Android phones that I know of.
Kudos!: For the first Apple one-upmanship I’ve seen on this forum. :grin:

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They make them for Androids/devices with micro USB that charge and mirror the screen:
They have them for USB C too: