Problem casting to Google Home Hub

I have a V2 cam and a Google Home Hub. I can cast the cam to my Chromecast-enabled TV but when I try the same thing to my Hub it fails. The screen turns black and then it says “Playing Smart Home Camera” but thats all. I did install the RTSP firmware, could that be the issue?

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I’ve got the same issue. We’re you able to fix it?

No sorry, just doesn’t work for me :slightly_frowning_face:

This is still occurring. It needs to be fixed.

Okay, in the spirit of adding to the quality of the conversation, I’ll try to provide a lot of detail about my setup I apologize if it turns out to be boring!

I can’t seem to get WyzeCam v2 images to anything but my Pixel (1) XL. No joy with either Google Hub or ChromeCast-connected screens. My Nest Hello Front Door cam works fine.

Big 15 yo house… 3,700sf on two floors located way upstate New York. I have a fast down/upload service(100/10), My mesh net is Google WiFi, main on the first floor, 2 satellites on the second, and the app says performance is great.

My problem cameras are in the garage. And the Hello cam is on the front door., of course. There are 15 mini speakers, 4 Google home hubs, 4 Chromecasts, maybe 20 smart bulbs and 4 Eufy and 2 Wyze outlets. BTW, once in a while one of my Wyze smart plugs drops offline, No issues with the Eufys.

I’d like the rest of my cameras to be Wyze both indoor and out if I can get past this problem. Ultimately, I’ll probably buy 8 outdoors and a couple indoors.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

How is it possible casting the stream was a problem in June 2019 and still a problem today? Just bought 6 of these things because using Google Assistant was on the website and packaging and now I’m going to have to send them back? Good grief.

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Same issue. Has this been resolved?

Very similar new thread at

Feeling a little like Etta James this morning. AT LAST, all of my Google screens can pick up any of my five Wyze cams (v2 & v3). Smooth, clear, and great. Thanks, Wyze!

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