Google Chromecast Not Working

I setup Wyze in my Google Home and when I ask my Google Chromecast to show a camera it say “OK” then attempts to load and then I get a black screen with Wyze Cam on it. What can I do to make this work?

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What are you casting from?

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I am not casting, I am using the connection of the Wyze app to Google Home.

I followed the instructions here.


Same problem here with a V3 cam. This used to work fine but no longer does

Same exact thing is happening to me! There’s got to be a solution.

Same issue. Just setup a wyze cam v3 it displays on my phone but if I cast it to the TV I get a brief dark screen with a progress bar (no movement) and then it just goes back and shows Wyze-cam on the TV for ten minutes before timing out.

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yep that’s exactly what I see on my TV. Version 2 camera in version 2 Google Chromecast. Maybe it only works on version 3 Chromecast.
I ended up downloading the Alexa app because I have a Fire TV and added my cameras to that and it works great now with Alexa.

I have tried a wyze cam 3, on multiple Chromecast and Google TV versions. Same result everywhere.

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I read on reddit that only version 2 cameras and pan cam cameras work with Chromecast. So if someone has gotten a version 2 camera and version 3 Chromecast to work…

Exact same issue - have unauthorized and re authoritized - no luck!

Same thing here! It doesn’t work with v2 nor v3 cams… I remember it used to…

It suddenly started working, streamed for a couple of minutes and suddenly stopped. Now it’s not working again. Disappointed :frowning:

Wyze v3 stream to Chromecast topped working in most recent update?

Did anyone find a solution for this? I just set up my cam today and have this issue :frowning:

I am also having this problem. I have the Wyze cam v3 Pro and Nvidia Shield. I say, “OkayGoogle, play backyard cam on Shield,” and it starts a black screen on the TV with spinning arrows, but after a minute, it says it cannot stream.

Having the exact same issue. Steam works flawlessly in the app, but if I try to cast it on my chromecast it just shows the black screen that says “Wyze-Cam”.
Managed to get it working once by stopping the casting. Restarting Wyze Cam through the app. Asked google to show camera on tv. Not been able to get it casted again since.

Any solution to this yet? The best I can do is “Wyze-cam” displayed on my TV


I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution?