Wyze Cam v3 Streaming to Chromecast

When i say hay google show my wyze cam on the TV. It works but only for 1 min and then the stream stops. Why? Other cams I do this with it will keep streaming until I ask it to stop.

I’m seeing the same behavior. This wasn’t happening a while ago.

It appears this broke when I updated the cam v3 firmware for cam lite ( February 17, 2022)

I was wrong about the firmware update. The problem was caused by a poor network connection. Once this was fixed chromecast is working normally.

@jdawson.nf disable event detection and see if this changes things

No change… and I have a stable connection. Also if I just stream from my phone or other device it is an unbroken connection.

I have the same issue. I can stream my Google Nest doorbell just fine on my Sony Google TV but I only get a black screen while trying to stream Wyze Cam v3 on the same TV.
I’m on the latest fw.
Is this going to be fixed? I’m new to Wyze cameras and so far with this and “network is unstable” message is not a good experience.

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So when does this get fixed??? It’s not truly compatible if it doesn’t work. Right???

I’m experiencing the same issue on the latest firmware. Only get about 5 minutes of streaming time before it clocks out and gives up.