Casting Cam V3 shows only "Wyze-Cam" on black screen

For about a week now, all attempts to cast my CamV3 to a Chromecast device shows only “Wyze-Cam” on black screen. This had been working well for about 9 months and I’m still able to view live video on the app.

I’ve already restarted the camera, confirmed latest firmware and app versions, and removed and reconnected my Wyze account to Google Home through Works With Google.

Any suggestions???

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Same issue here, I think our best choice is to keep reporting this issue and hope they fix it as soon as possible

Has there been any update on this issue?
I have the same problem.
My Foscam works fine but not Wyze.

Still unable to cast to a Chromecast dongle, but casting to a GoogleTV dongle does work OK.

Same issue here as of January 2023. Wyze needs to fix this. This was main reason for purchase. Very dissapointed.

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I have same issue with my Vizio tv that has chromecast built in. this used to work.

Same issue, this is really frustrating

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This is one of the main reasons I bought the cameras I have. Fix this issue!!!

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Why has this issue not been fixed yet???

Because they’re trying to get us to send in all sorts of bs data instead of just fixing it on their end. I don’t think they have a staff member that can actually fix it.

Wyze team, are you looking into this issue or not? When should we expect this feature to come along.

What good is this forum If for the last year and a half people have been complaining and there has been absolutely no word or solution from Wyze?? I am so tired of them working well for a while and then having a big gap where there’s nothing but issues. I’m so disappointed that I chose this brand for my security needs…

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