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Please add proper landscape design to the app, I use a tablet on a wall to check cameras and all the elements are oddly shaped and sized because the UI was designed in portrait for a phone sized display, thanks, also please add google assistant support.

Hello @j031, Are you running iOS or Android when you are experiencing the UI issues? You can also follow the updates on google assistant integration here.

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Please add this to the wishlist

Both my Samsung S9+ and S10+ have black lines on each side of the screen. Both are running the latest version of Android. I think it happened when I updated the app. FYI the $80 10inch tablet has the correct orientation.

@prley, what tablet are you using? I am in the market for a new droid tablet and I like that price!

My Samsung J3 running Android 7.1.1 doesn’t.

They don’t currently offer the one I have but amazon has several. You need to find the best performance for price with the right version OS needed.

I currently have this one i’m considering as adding to my inventory :


Thanks! :+1:

This request can be found in #wishlist here:

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The tablet it’s running Android 7