Monitoring Landscape

Trying to use Wyze App Monitoring mode in Landscape.

Need Landcape becuse using tablet or phone in portrait the charge port is on the bottom so i can’t plug it in while viewing for awhile to keep tablet charged. Landscape mode would also allow the image to be 16:9 and much larger, if you just open the app and display just 1 cam you can use Landscape mode, that works just fine, would really like to see an update that would allow Monitoring to do the same, unless i’m missing here on how to get it into Landscape.

Thank you

I use landscape mode by deault on tablet and cellphone.

I ensure auto-rotate is enabled and turn my device sideways.

Maybe supply your model type?

Got several devices, all have auto rotate turned on that goto Landscape fine except for Monitoring. Samsung S23Ultra, Samsung Tab A9+, a few iPads too, same issue, we love to know how to resolve.


I also notice your pic is a virw from 1 cam, which i already pointed out works in Landscape for me.

Hit the Monitoring tab and eatch what happens, thats the issue I’m trying to resolve

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We almost have identical devices.

I am on my A9+ and I also use a S24 and S21. Wonder what we are missing?

Fantastic, can you show a pic from the monitoring tab? It goes to Portrait mode everytime on me

Sorry. You are correct. I misunderstood. The monitoring tab is new and only shows in portrait, as of today. This is as far as I know.


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Question, how many cameras are you looking at?

Asking because if you group the cameras you can tyhen live stream the group and view it in Landscape or Portrait.

Or are you using the monitoring tab to see what happened through out the day>

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That’s not a bad work around solution, until hopefully, they allow Landscaping for Monitoring. Missing the other things you can do in the Monitoring tab, but still overall not bad.

Thank you! :yum:

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