Landscape Mode, Again

Yet another post about the lack of a functional landscape mode. I just saw a post requesting landscape mode going back five years! There are many posts from staff members that promise “it is coming.” To add insult to injury, version 2.38.3 (3) removed on aspect that was working.
No other application I use has not been made compatible with landscape mode.
Whatever the reason the company has chosen to neglect this, I find it so annoying I will be throwing in the towel on my investment in multiple cameras and multiple Cam Plus. I have found several alternatives. This is an unfortunate outcome, and it did not need to be the case.

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If I were to guess, lack of competent staff to make the landscape mode functional across multiple devices that the app is catered to.

I hear you brother. I was one of the very first Wyze customers (bought two or three V1 cams) back in Jan '18 and believe that I’m the one who first requested app-wide Landscape mode for tablets. In my request, I explained that 95% of the time I use my iPad Pro in Landscape orientation and that due to a physical disability, I needed the app to support Landscape, including on all menu screens, etc. Supposedly a complete rewrite of the app (version 3?) is required and underway (mods, please correct me if I’m mistaken), but no timeline tor testing and/or release has been announced. Am still hoping that this long-standing request is completed before I pass away (only half joking). Thanks for your post and once again raising awareness of the issue.