Feature Request: Mobile App (tablet landscape view)

Just purchased my first wyzecam to test it out to see if I can replace older outdate cams and I’m loving it so far. I’t boggles my mind that this cam is only $20 and the quality is on par it not better than than most expensive cams on the market. Great job Wyze…

As I’ve been using the app for the past couple of days and plan on purchasing a lot more Wyze cams. Something I would love to see in the iPad app would be a landscape view listing all of my cams on the left of the screen and live view/settings ect…on the right. Think of the iOS mail app. When I switch from portrait to landscape the view changes and can display more information. 30%/70% split view. This would allow folks with many cams the ability to switch between cams instantly without have to change the orientation of their tablet each time. The tablet apps ability to only switch to landscape view during live view or viewing recorded events is a missed opportunity and some tweaks to the app would make the user experience so much better.