Landscape view on IOS

I would love to have a landscape view on IOS it would make viewing cameras a lot easier and more practicle.

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There is a landscape view.?.?.?

I’d really, really like to see this too. I’ve forwarded it on to the keeper of the feature request list.

Not to confuse anyone the view I want is the app main page showing the cameras installed. Then when you click on the camera it will open in landscape view without turning the iPad or iPhone.

I understood that. It needs to support landscape for all functions as per Apple’s development guidelines. Ideally, there would be 6 or 8 thumbnails on a screen in the Devices view to reduce scrolling necessary.

With the landscape view I would like to see the live view on the main page in the small thumnails if I want then if I tap again it opens up larger.

Me too! PLEASE! I use my iPad in portrait mode only when forced to do so by a badly designed app. To be fair, Dropcam has the same issue but since google acquired them, they’re deaf to the pleas of their customers.

Not sure how hard it is to set up a landscape only viewing of the Wyze app but I’m looking forward to it too. I use my iPad a lot for viewing and reviewing. Although I can watch it in landscape, and really like the live monitoring of all four of my cameras at once but when I have to change views or check events, I have to shuffle back and fourth between portrait and landscape modes to do it all.
My hat is off to the Wyze crew for bringing this reasonably priced camera to the market. They’ve done an amazing job so far and continue to improve their products. The fact that they are actually people and reachable is a big plus.