V 1.3.113 testing

Changes/Test Area

Android Beta app V1.3.113 released.

Changes include:
– Fixed layout issue starting from OS landscape mode
– Fixed layout issue for a non 16:9 ratio devices
– Fixed a crash when playing alert video second time
– Added clean up cache files (UI not final)
– Other bug fixes

Known issue:
– When not connected, there could still be a black square/layout issue in view area

Suggested testing areas:

– More layout testing

– Alert and notification related features

– Clear cache



Here are some preliminary test results:

Tested using Samsung Tablet 16:10 ratio (Android 6) and Samsung 16:9 phone (Android 7).

I did not encounter any issues while using my Samsung 16:9 phone.

  • Layout issue landscape mode / 16:10 Samsung tab ratio. Tested Livestream, Notifications and Playback area
    • The picture does not rotate automatically to landscape when the tab is hold in landscape orientation like it does for 16:9 ratio. Clicking the little square or expand button will however switch the picture orientation properly
    • If I turn on the screen rotation setting instead of locking it, the picture displays in the wrong orientation. i.e. if I hold the tablet in portrait the picture will show in landscape. If I hold the tablet in landscape, the picture will display in portrait.
    • When switching to landscape, part of the left side view gets truncated compare to portrait or 16:9. However, if I enable Hardware Decoder within My Account, it works as expected and nothing gets truncated on the left side of the picture.
  • Crash when playing alert video second time
    • Looks ok, no crash encountered. UPDATE: Still crashing but does not go out of app. Getting message "refresh list failed" after crash. Happening when there is only one notification video left.
  • Alerts and notifications
    • no problem encountered. Alerts and motion video all fine.
  • Clear cache
    • Not sure of the purpose of it but tried it and looks ok.



Thanks for checking everything! :slight_smile:

For the crash when playing the only alert video second time issue, we have made a fix for it. Nice catch!

For the 16:10 tablet issue, it is likely because your tablet has the three Android buttons on the bottom of the landscape view. I assume we have that issue from the beginning. Can you please send me (tyuan@wyzecam.com) an app log via My Account -> Help & Feedback -> Feedback after the issue occur and also send me a few screen shot for the wrong UI layout? It will likely miss the V1.3 official release but we will fix it in next beta update. Thanks!

honestly, I was a little upset when I started using v2 and stable app/firmware, but after update to beta version all my problems are gone

finally started receiving notifications (Android, LineageOS 14.1), image quality got better, motion detection now is much more accurate (I think I’ve captured only 20% off all activity before my update to beta)

very nice update, thank you