Android App V1.5.42 released to Beta testing!

Hi folks,
We released the Android App 1.5.42 to beta testing.

The fixes include:

  • Fixed the aspect ratio problem for devices that are not 16:9
  • Removed switching to 360p prompt message for V1 cameras

I have Samsung S9+ (18.5:9 ratio screen) and with Hardware decoder enabled, landscape view is still too stretched out with black bar on top of screen in 18.5:9 ratio. … turning off Hardware decoder option then landscape view is (acceptable) closer to 16:9 (when viewed in 18.5:9 ratio screen)

Still getting delayed notifications ,No change With this version

It’s likely that we might not be able to fix this issue before launching to the public this week. Is there a reason why you have the hardware decoder always enabled?

Hardware Decoder option was enabled by default, which is for better video playback without bogging down CPU. I’d prefer to have this option enabled. Thanks.

Is delayed notification issue that all your notifications are pushed to your device the moment you open up the app?

If so, we’re still looking into this because it might be the phone blocking the push notifications.

What model and OS is your device? Do you experience a similar issue with other apps installed on your phone?

Could you send me an app log if it happens again? Please put my email as the recipient when you send it. My email is

I don’t have to Open the app to have notifications pushed to device,I Push the button to wake up the display and notifications are pushed to device. This just started without me changing any notification settings opn my device , Samsung S9+, android version 8 .

My wyze cam Notifications are the only ones doing this ,My blink cams And message Notifications come Through quickly As normal. Sometimes it works well the The notification comes through right away, Or maybe One minute 3 minutes 5 minutes Or longer, it Is inconsistent.

I sent in feedback on this Sep 7th, ticket number , 116517, on that day at 2pm, I had 2 alerts come in After I pushed the button Wake up the display ,one Alert was at 1:03 PM , The other was at 1:43 PM .

If you want me to send more feedback and put your name in email ,let me know, Edit: I will send you one Tomorrow anyway, It does it every day

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