Aspect ratio in landscape is off on Android 2.15.21 + lag issue

So I hadn’t updated the app on my two wall mounted android tablets in quite a while, but I had to do it today to use my new V3 camera. I use these tablets to monitor my door and front yard live 24/7.

In the previous app version (not sure which it was, but several versions ago at least) the aspect ratio in full screen landscape was correct with black bars above and below the video.
The new app however stretches the video to full screen in landscape which looks weird all stretched out. It’s the same with the V3 and V2 cameras.

I tried turning on and off the hardware decoder in app settings and it made no difference. That also brings up another problem. I was getting really bad lag of 30 seconds or more like in the old days when the hardware decoder was first removed before Wyze put it back, but this time it seems to be opposite I that turning OFF the hardware decoder reduced lag.

I can’t revert the app to an older version now because if I do, I can’t use my new V3

The tablets are Samsung Tab A 8" by the way.