Alexa / Google Home Integration

Okay Wyze! Let’s talk Alexa and Google Home integration. I see some posts indicating Wyze announced mid year 2021 delivery. I haven’t seen any updates. I also see no mention of the feature in the product description / FAQ section of the website. Has there been a roadmap change here?

Let’s show Wyze know how badly we want this feature. Please like this post and/or comment if you have information or interest in this feature.

Wyze Employees: I love how engaged you guys are in the forums. Any updates here?

Thanks Yall…
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Yes an update would be nice. This is/was a make or break feature for me. I bought this when I read that Alexa voice as coming first half or 2021. It is now June 2021 and there is no update on this. When can we expect to see an update on this?

I heard that this function is under development.


Yeah it’s a bit frustrating to see wyze employees actively responding to posts in the forum but seemingly ignoring any posts related to this feature. I just don’t get it.

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It is always under development hoping we will quit asking and keep buying.
I quit buying or recommending products from them.