Is Wyze Lock actually going to get Google Home support?

I see a lot of references to the functionality coming Q3 2020, that’s passed so when can we expect this functionality? The advertisement of “coming soon” on the page was absolutely a little deceitful considering I bought the Lock early 2020.

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You might find answers here:

@Frederik or @JonathanF might be able to answer this question with more details.

This again is an unacceptable answer, numerous other locks have come to market that work with Google Home. It has been almost a year since you brought the lock to market and a full half a year since you promised a fix. This is a case of you putting resources to use to develop and release new products instead of fixing the issues with products already sold. Not only have you failed to deliver what you promised but your lack of communication with your customers is truly unprofessional. Your reputation is quickly going from low cost, high quality home automation devices to a company who promises big and fails to deliver.

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Yeah it’s getting a bit ridiculous. I mean has there been any new products that even work with Google Assistant/Google Home?

Other than launching new products is Wyze committed to improving the user experience with each product?

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Can someone from Wyze give us an update on this? It was been over a year since the initial promise of Google Assistant support was mentioned. I think we at least deserve an update on the progress.

This forum is not monitored by Wyze. Occasionally Wyze employees will post updates on specific products, features, or issues. The newest update for the Wyze lock Google integration is linked above.

Wyze Lock now works with Google Home in the 2.21 app!