Wyze Lock and Google Home Integration Fail - 1 year later

I have owned Wyze lock for nearly 1 year. When I ordered it, their website said “Works with Google Coming May 2020”, then it was changed to “coming soon”. Now, after a year since it’s release their promise again changes to

“I sincerely apologize, I have checked and our team is putting the Google integration in the long term plan. Though we do not have a timetable when it will be released” 1/28/2021

I then asked to return the lock and the keypad since I am within my 1 year warranty and this has not worked as advertised. They refused to issue a return and said I can only return it for a refund with 30 days. This is how Wyze is now doing business with is long term backers and customers. I have canceled all future orders and will return the ones I cannot cancel within 30 days for refund. A representative from Wyze chimed in one of the forum threads and apologized and said it will be out by the end of the 3rd Quarter 2020. Wyze simply cannot be trusted and urge you to boycott Wyze until they fulfill their original agreement to those that purchased earlier products from them. This is just not acceptable. The technology is already obsolete and evolved to something better after a year of its original release. If you purchase a flying car, that does not fly… its just a car…

The one year warranty is for replacement, not return for full refund.
This is stated in the Wyze terms of service.

It was also stated when I bought it back in February 2020 it would work with google May2020. Now it says “coming soon”, now they are just saying it’s in the long term plans. So it has never worked as advertised and sold for. Google home is inoperative making this device defective.

Doesn’t make it less painful when it was specifically advertised with a feature he never got.

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Yeah same here. The lack of Google Home support for most of the devices is extremely disappointing.

Wyze Lock now works with Google Home in the 2.21 app! Let me know if you have any issues :slight_smile: