Sad that I don't want to use Wyze

Really wanted Wyze to work for me:

Things I like

  • Amazing products and choice
  • Great prices
  • Excellent UI

Things I don’t

  • Terrible support
  • No integration with Home Assistant
  • Terrible person detection (keeps telling me my dog is a person in the camera)

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 10.39.53

Please Wyze can you be HA integrated, I promise to ignore the other two points!

Those poles are probably what is tricking the AI


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I can’t do anything about Wyze Customer Support :disappointed: or HA integration. But, @Rulwiz is right. It is probably some other object in the Field of View that is being tagged by the Server Side Wyze AI as a person.

Your dog provides the motion that triggers the cam to mark the Green Motion Tagging box and push an upload. The Motion Tagging box only tells you where there is current motion. It does not mark the object being tagged by the Server Side Wyze AI as a “Smart Detection” object. It is applied to the video by the cam firmware prior to the upload and prior to the AI Bot interrogating the video for Smart Detection objects.

When the video hits the AI Bot server for interrogation, it ignores motion. It does not have any ability to discriminate between moving and inanimate objects. It inspects every snapshot frame in the video, 20 per second, for a Smart Detection object in the Field of View. Anything that looks similar to a person, regardless of motion, will get tagged.


I wouldn’t say “No integration” with HA. It definitely has some integration through a 3rd party API for several products. Also, the camera feeds themselves can be integrated into home assistant too.
Lots of people use Wyze devices on Hone Assistant. I have even done it myself. Hone assistant even claims it can do some controls for select Wyze devices locally (though I don’t know anyone who has verified 100% that it is telling us the truth)…I think someone told me that some bulbs were managed locally.

Also, while Joshua’s API can’t poll sensors anymore, there is still a way to do a virtual sensor workaround using Alexa or Hubitat to get all Wyze sensors functional in Home Assistant.

In short, there is actually quite a bit of Wyze integration to Home Assistant for anyone who wants it.

I’d certainly prefer to have more stuff locally controlled, and have more officially integrated instead of polled, but it’s not bad.

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I have spent more hours with customer service just feeding me a line. Sending worthless email after another. Like you can troubleshoot 10 steps in an email. Customer service is just a waste a time. They have flaws and things down knowingly and yet have a junior rep waste your time reinstall this, cross your fingers 2 times. All summer long. I acquired more merchandise (my issue is with the cameras) one doesn’t work they didn’t say send it back, after 3 weeks they admitted that cam plus was not working. Really, that;s why 5 out 6 cameras have no feed. I pay on a monthly basis. They have pushed every issue past the return date on purpose. I said well I may a monthly fee for the non-working cam plus and they didn’t answer my question. As if I paying the fee for the 2-month period this has run through. Your just stuck, you can cancel your cam plus but you will never know when they get things working. Either the representatives are fed false information to pass along or it is just one big scam to keep the company afloat while nothing works. Just look at the community board there is nothing helpful it’s all just about this or that doesn’t work. It’s a real shame because I own a lot of their other devices that really work great. I am not paying for a few hundred dollars of crap, nobody should contact your attorney general if you have a weak credit card. They have wasted enough of my time that I could have had one of the priciest systems installed, setup, and sat back and enjoyed instead they feed you a line tie up your day, want you to get a ladder out, and press buttons and reinstall the cameras, Do that and everything will be good have a nice day. Wear you down so you won’t call back or are not available during their time. Some of the best ideas are poorly managed to disgruntle customers to an even higher level than when they first called. Developers that have no clue how to run a company, need to quickly reach out and have a management team take over this company and put an end to the issues.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum alan412door! :raising_hand_man:

As the welcome states, this is a User Community Forum… Wyze customers helping other customers solve problems. Why? Because the issues you have experienced have almost defi!lately been experienced by someone else and they have most likely found a solution, a workaround, or at a minimum, and explanation for the issue.

I am wondering if you post about the issues you are experiencing with the cams in topics that deal with those subjects you might get some help with them? Wyze Customer Support isn’t an area that any of us can change. That is why we are here. And it’s a good thing others were here to help me when I started using Wyze IoT… I got more help here and found more gold nuggets of goodness than I could ever have expected from Customer Support. Give it a shot. It may surprise you.