Wyze as a Athom Homey app

I would really like to see Wyze as an app in Homey (developed by Athom). Read more about Homey here: https://www.athom.com.

Plus one for this!

It would be great to have my WYZE cameras integrated into my Homey via an Homey app.

Anyone on the Wyze team considering a Homey integration. I’d like to use the motion from the cameras to use as a trigger or take an image to forward to something.

PLEASE ADD HOMEY SUPPORT. This would be huge!

Homey Pro Controller Integration

Thank you to the WYZE team for looking to the community to make the WYZE products available and at a great price point. My main focus with WYZE products is for using outdoor plugs, a few color bulbs and multiple sensors in my smart home.
The WYZE products I have used have been SOLID in my wifi system. My concern is that wifi is becoming very saturated. How much more can be crammed onto 2.4ghz. 5ghz offers some relief, but most smart home products are on 2.4ghz, as you know. In my home alone, if I scan 2.4ghz and look at channel allocation, and I change settings to utilize that lesser used channel, I flood it with all of my wifi devices. Further, 2.4ghz has the potential to act wonky with microwaves, baby monitors and so on. Of course I am not telling you anything you already don’t know.
What other wireless options are there? Zigbee, Zwave, Matter, Thread.
For those of us that have been at this a few years, it would be hard to justify to the Mrs. that I now need to rip out all the switches and upgrade. Plus these devices still work.
It would be great to be able to mix and match protocols to make my home even smarter.
Yes, the IFTTT functionality offers the potential to mix and match smart home products, however, there is the latency issue, and the concern that a relationship with IFTTT may go a different way in the future as I have learned with Amazon and IFTTT for example. myQ is another example. I have read the posts on the forum about Smartthings. That product also appears to be a relationship trap in that if a contract ends, the consumer is left holding the bag since products may not work together any longer. That leads me to my subject line. It appears that the Homey Pro offers all the protocol integrations and is somewhat future proof with Matter and Thread being able to be updated. For those of us that have planted our flag in Z-Wave and Wi-fi and wish we could turn on Zigbee for a few products and not be overly dependent on the cloud, this would be a fairly good choice. If my WYZE products would be compatible with a versatile smart hub, at your amazing price point, it would be an easy choice to expand and grow.