Make home monitoring purchaces more customizable

It would be nice to be able to buy the individual components to the home monitoring system. All I really want is the leak detection! All the components should be sold individually, mainly the hub. We shouldnt be forced to buy a whole starter kit full of things we dont want.

You are correct, the Sense Hub is not sold as a stand alone unit. The leak sensors are, but not the hub.

My guess would be because the hub is sold and intended to be used in conjunction with the HMS subscription as a security system. The fact that it will work as a Sensor RF Bridge without it is a bonus for those that have one and cancel their monitoring subscription.

Some users have found new hubs on eBay or on Marketplace. They tend to go quickly since the standalone units are somewhat of a unicorn. I would strongly recommend caution though. If it is not New In Box, or a site offering no hassle returns, it is possible that it could be a used bricked unit with old bad firmware. There is no way to factory reset or manually flash the firmware on the hub. It must go thru the Wyze FW update process.

Other users have purchased the bundle kit from box store retailers, which usually come with free trials, and never activated the monitoring. The only item in the kit that can’t be used without the monitoring is the Keypad.

I searched the #wishlist and found requests to sell the old discontinued Sense Bridge separately, but I couldn’t find one for the Sense Hub. Perhaps you could submit a new request to the #wishlist.

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You can buy the Hub alone. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a pain to order, tho. :wink:

Go to the link below, they will offer you the Hub with a HMS license. Change the HMS license to monthly. Buy the Hub (you can get leak sensors there if you want), then after you get the hub, cancel the HMS subscription. They should prorate the refund to you, so it won’t cost much.

Then you just have the Hub, and whatever sensors you ordered. :slight_smile:


Perhaps true, but Wyze markets them for automation as well, without HMS.

I believe I read a post somewhere in the forum that Wyze is no longer offering prorated refunds.

Yes, that post is outdated. Wyze will not prorate refunds on new subscriptions

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Where are you finding it marketed without the HMS Subscription? Every place I look for the Hub, the HMS subscription is always attached. Wyze lists automations as a feature of the hub, but they do not promote that as an independent feature available without HMS.

It is only here in the communities that users have figured out that the hub is able to be used for automations without the Subscription.

So correct. Nor will they refund any subscription.

They advertise it for automation:

You must have missed the part about Home Monitoring.

Yes, automation is an additional feature of the hub. However it is not being promoted or sold by Wyze as a stand alone automation system without HMS. Every one of those items requires the hub. Click on the hub and it redirects you to the HMS builder page where you have to select a subscription.

Again, where is it being promoted or sold for automation “without HMS”?

It doesn’t say anywhere on the page that you need HMS for automation. Furthermore, the website advertises the hub as available for purchase at $29.99 but Wyze has no intention of selling it that way…so:

A “bait and switch” takes place when a seller creates an appealing but ingenuine offer to sell a product or service, which the seller does not actually intend to sell. This initial advertised offer is “the bait.” Then the seller switches customers from buying the advertised product or service that the seller initially offered into buying a different product or service that is usually at a higher price or has some other advantageous effect to the advertiser.

From here: bait and switch | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Wyze is disingenuous in listing the hub that way.

It doesn’t say you don’t need HMS for Automation either. It doesn’t indicate either way a link between HMS and automation except for grouping those products together. That is just a product listing page for products in the “Home Monitoring & Automation” category. It isn’t a separate category for Home Monitoring and another for Automation. Except for the keypad, all those products indeed do both. It is one single category.

It states on every device page that you must have the Hub. For those that have it already, no worries. Every accessory sensor can be purchased separately without any discussion of HMS whatsoever. If you try to purchase the hub, however, you can’t without a subscription.

If you believe that the “Home Monitoring & Automation” category products page or the hub product page needs to have a disclaimer explaining that you can’t buy the Sense Hub without a subscription but you don’t need a subscription to automate with the hub and sensors, create a wishlist topic asking for Wyze to add it.

But, to say Wyze is marketing them [the Hub] without the HMS is inaccurate.

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