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Is there any way to purchase the hub only for use with the sensors? I would love to test out some sensors but I do not need a home plan or the other stuff just the hub to use the sensors with. I could not find anything that says you can get the Hub by itself but if you get a plan you get it for free but I do not need all the other stuff since I have a full home security system already.

We nope,unless someone has 1 on ebay

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@kae4560 is correct. You can buy the sensors but not the hub. There is allegedly a plan to sell them separately by Wyze but they haven’t committed to any time frame. All of the available hubs are dedicated to the HMS subscribers.

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Any update on this?

I haven’t seen anything yet. I know some have purchased at Home Depot and it comes with 6mos free home monitoring. But you don’t need to activate HMS just because it is free.

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Thanks. Currently $99 at HD so that doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

The Wyze Shop page for the kit says:


I would like one for $29.99.

Yeah, that’s if you subscribe. Might try ebay…I think I saw the full starter kits for $50US.

Just found this browsing ebay:

Hmm, yeah, lots of full “brand new” kits with free shipping starting at $45. That’s not too bad. Thanks.

Any problem unregistering/reregistering these things if they’ve been previously lit up?

Haven’t seen anything regarding “used” HMS issues. I know there is a problem with the outdoor cams. Maybe someone else has experience or info?

Well I grabbed that one you linked. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Best of luck. Don’t think you should have any problems, but who knows? It is Wyze after all.

One other suggestion, if you don’t want/need HMS, don’t follow the usual setup process. You should be able to use the add device routine for the hub and sensors and not have all the HMS stuff.

Does anyone know if a factory reset procedure on the HMS Sense Hub reverts it back to the factory shipped firmware or if it holds the last version? I know it can’t be flashed back because of no uSD access.

If it was being sold used, possibility it was a firmware affected or bricked hub from the last series of bad updates still being debugged.

Factory reset changes configuration not firmware. The ebay item was listed as NEW in sealed box. If it has later firmware, it isn’t new and should be subject to a refund.

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Thanks! That answered my question :+1:, I didn’t view the eBay listing, had seen some others for sale used. Won’t be purchasing those. Good to know.

If it is NIB, should be good to go then.

The only thing you probably lose, if new, is the warranty. However, ebay is very good at offering one when you purchase something and at a very low rate.

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It all seems to be working fine.

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Pleased to hear it! I’ve had fairly good luck with eBay for tech stuff. Don’t think I’ve gotten any lemons, but I’m careful with my purchases.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I probably wouldn’t have done it without you guys noodging me. Cheers.

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