Wyze Canada and Wyze Sense Hub v2

On the Canadian site I can see the Home monitoring section where I can buy the HMS Wyze Sense Climate Sensor, but I cannot find where to buy the Wyze Sense Hub v2, needed to use the sensors?

I believe you cannot buy the hub on its own, but when you subscribe to HMS it comes with the hub

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Thank you I see that now after clicking to “Build my System”. Hmm I just need temperature sensors, not a security system, so as it’s offered it’s not what I need.

Many users also use their system like this, if you purchase the shortest subscription you can, and then immediately cancel it, you can use the system in test mode so that you can just use the sensors.

Test mode is unavailable once you cancel the subscription.


If you just want the hub without the subscription, the hub is sold in the US by Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon as a component within the “Wyze Home Security Core Kit”. Not sure that would also be available in Canada but if you Google it you should find it.

That package comes bundled with a short subscription period that doesn’t need to be activated. You can still install the Hub and the sensors to use for automations, notifications, and rules. You can also install the climate and leak sensors to use with the hub.

Without activation, all Monitoring functions and the Keypad in the kit will be unusable.