Is the Sense Hub Available in Canada?


I see Wyze has a store on Amazon Canada that sold the security keypad and entry sensors and I was a fool and bought them without looking a bit more into it. They require the Sense Hub and I can seem to find that anywhere in Canada, Is this just a return to Amazon purchase?

Wasn’t able to find any home monitoring items on, and I know Wyze subscriptions aren’t available in Canada. Also couldn’t find them on Amazon Canada. Guessing it’s not available there, where did you find them?

It’s not… to my great disappointment.
Even if the monitoring plan is not offered, I would love to have it and monitor my house myself.
Wyze is losing an opportunity here.


Thanks for responding you can find them here:

The wireless keypad doesn’t seem to be available any more thank goodness!

Unfortunately, without the monitoring plan, the hub is useless as a self monitored security system. Self monitoring is not an option as there is no alarm or arming function. The keypad is not functional without the HMS monitoring and serves no purpose.

Without the HMS Noonlight Monitoring, the hub only acts as an RF bridge for the contact sensors, motion sensors, climate sensors, and leak detectors.

Those devices can be used with a stand alone hub in Wyze Automation rules and any Assistant routines that have triggers\actions for them and you can also get push notifications if the device allows for it, but no alarm arming or disarming can be accessed without the HMS subscription. You also loose the ability to set the individual sensor chime @ the hub.


I have the same problem too. I have setup 2 wyze cam and wanted to add the home monitoring . I bought the basic kit and in Malaysia, there is no home monitoring service. Now I can’t manually set my home monitoring as the alarm triggers can’t be setup and the sense keypad is practically useless. I wanted to use the keypad at least for doing disabling and enabling with some events setup. But it’s not possible. I also have problem resetting the pin in the useless keypad.

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As you have already found out, there is no monitoring without the Noonlight Monitoring HMS Subscription, which is limited to the domestic United States. It is that subscription license that activates the features in the Monitoring tab, to include the use of the keypad.

If you would like to see a self-monitored feature developed for the Sense Hub (either with or without a subscription), follow this #wishlist link and vote for the feature at the top. Add your detailed post at the bottom of you feel inclined.

I believe the limitations to professional monitoring outside of the United States are because of the specific infrastructure required for proper police dispatching. There are many legal and procedural factors that would cause problems for Noonlight, with a focus on domestic U.S. monitoring, to activate an emergency response internationally. It would require a massive expansion in the existing Wyze partnership landscape.

If you would like to see this expansion to include international monitoring subscription service, you can follow the link to this #wishlist topic, vote for it, and add your post at the bottom.

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Thanks a lot for the info.
I had high hopes for this but now… at least I know.


Unfortunately, the Wyze home security kit is utterly useless outside of the U.S. This post brought back a bitter memory.

I’m so annoyed with Wyze for lack of disclosure when I purchased this system as a pre-release. I trusted Wyze but they made no mention of a subscription requirement, especially the fact that without the subscription, the hardware becomes useless!

Even if I lived in the U.S., I’d NEVER purchase a product that becomes disabled if it can no longer connect to a subscription service. Yes, I know almost all the Wyze products will fail if Wyze fails, but at least their cameras will still work as stand-along inside a private network.

It’s all software folks. Wyze could allow for stand-alone usage. Because they refused to refund me, I’ve stopped recommending Wyze.


That isn’t entirely correct. It isn’t usable as a home security system but it still works for automation and alerting for door and motion sensors. Granted, home security is the big selling point.


My main point is that during the pre-sale, there was no mention that the system would not fully function without a subscription.

Had I known that, I would have looked elsewhere.

I’m more annoyed because I spent a lot of money on Wyze accessories because I thought Wyze would finally replace my old but working Skylink system. It’s reliable but the company has made no improvements in many years. The company has made no improvements in many years.

Now I have a $200 box of unopened Wyze equipment that I can’t use. :frowning:

Perhaps other users would be interested in purchasing the system from you? Could always ask and maybe recover some of your investment.

For those with interest in the development of HMS availability in Canada, check this out: Newest Beta version of the Wyze App released for Beta Testing includes support for HMS in Canada!