Poor Business Practices from Wyze

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I just wanted to post about this not too sure where it should go on here. Still, I really want to be a fan of this brand and have been patiently waiting for the Wyze Sense Hub to be available in Canada but viewing the shop tonight I saw they are now selling the products that REQUIRE the Sense Hub to Canadians WITHOUT selling the Sense Hub. I’d love to hear from someone from Wyze on why they are doing this and ripping off Canadians.

Products being sold that are paperweights to Canadians:

HMS Wyze Sense Entry Sensor v2 – Wyze Canada Store
HMS Wyze Sense Keypad – Wyze Canada Store
HMS Wyze Sense Climate Sensor – Wyze Canada Store
HMS Wyze Sense Motion Sensor v2 – Wyze Canada Store
HMS Wyze Sense Leak Sensor Probe – Wyze Canada Store

Wyze does sell hubs to Canadians. All of the links you posted to are for Canadians who bought a hub through the proper way and now want to buy extra sensors, etc for their HMS system.

Right now the hubs are only sold to people who are also signing up for the HMS service. After that, they don’t need a second hub since the HMS only supports 1 hub at a time, so Wyze doesn’t sell them separately. To purchase the Hub you need to go to “Services” and select “Wyze Home Monitoring” and then click the button for “Build my System”

That will take you to this page:

Link here: Home Monitoring & Security Services - Wyze Services

Select what other devices/sensors you want for your initial setup:

Review your order and you’ll see it includes the hub, which is required:

So none of the above devices are paperweights, they are just intended to be reserved for purchase by the Canadians who have/use HMS. However, if they cancel HMS, their equipment will continue working as regular sensors without the professional monitoring and they can also still order new sensors.