How to order more sensors and keypads after buying home monitoring system?

I am in Canada. I purchased the basic home monitoring system from wyze Canada. Now I want to order more entry sensors and keypads. I see no option to order just those on the site without buying another hub and annual subscription. Please help.

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Canadians can’t order sensors without a hub through Canada yet…Canadians have to use:

And separate sensors aren’t yet available on there.

Wyze should update and change this.

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Thanks. This Canadian site doesn’t let me buy sensors and keypads only

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Yeah, I’m hoping this is just a temporary oversight and hopefully someone can get this resolved. I agree that you should be able to buy sensors separately since you might already have a hub, etc. If they are concerned about people accidentally ordering sensors when they don’t have a hub, then they should do something like a disclaimer you have to acknowledge saying that you already have a hub or something.

I am told this should now be fixed if you want to go on and try to order them again.

Sorry for the trouble.


Thanks Jason! That was a fast a resolution to happen on the first business day back after this was reported!

@TorontoTycoon let us know if it works for you now. Thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile: